Xactium Online Report Training

Being able to report on all aspects of your risk information in a visually appealing and intuitive way is a key benefit of your Xactium system.

Our Xactium Architect course will teach you how to view, build and customize your own reports and dashboards using the powerful and flexible reporting tools provided with the Xactium platform.

A wide variety of hands on exercises will ensure you can easily utilise your knowledge after the course, within your own system

Xactium Architect Course Breakdown (Online Training)

The full course is broken down into four modules (detailed below)

Each module includes a video about one hour long with challenges to complete in a trial environment along the way, pausing the video as you need. Each section can be completed in your own time and at your own pace as long as the full course is complete within 30 days, when your trial will expire.

After each module you will confirm with a designated Xactium Trainer that you have completed the challenges which they will then check within the trial. Once checked you can proceed to the next training video.

Once all modules of the course are complete you will be able to arrange a screen share session for one hour with your designated Xactium Trainer to review the course material, and build any ad-hoc reports or dashboards specifically for your internal needs.

Report Building
  • Salesforce functionality offers the use of their reporting tool. Learn how to build reports on any field in the Xactium system using this tool.
  • Learn how to create tabular, grouped and the more advanced
    matrix and joined reports.
Filters and Report Types
  • Learn about smart filters to drill down into your reports making them more useful, saving time on normal, manual tasks.
  • Create additional Report Types in order to build a wider variety of reports.
Dashboards and Charts
  • Create dynamic dashboards with a collection of informative charts, helping to see an overview of data and what tasks are required.
Risk Registers (Risk users only)
  • Extract your data from Xactium to build your Risk Registers.
  • Build templates for other users and learn to export your templates
    to Excel or as PDFs
Course Details

Course Price: £85 per person (ex VAT).
Discounts available for clients with an extended support package.

Amount will be invoiced before the 1st training module commences.

Course date: To be arranged between client and Xactium Trainer

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