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Course Summary

Your Xactium system is a powerful and flexible solution. However, ensuring it is managed and maintained properly is essential if it is to be used successfully in your organisation.

We strongly recommend that your system admins attend a training session every year to refresh their knowledge of the Xactium solution, as well as to learn about new developments and ensure they are using best practices. This course is also essential for any new system administrators.

Our Xactium Guardian training will give you a firm understanding to all the key areas of administration and associated best practices, ensuring you have all the tools you need to achieve a successful ongoing deployment of your solution. 

Course Breakdown
Managing Users
  • Adding users and assigning them Licenses
  • Profiles, Applications and Business Units
  • Adding Contacts via bulk uploads and ad-hoc
Managing Business Units
  • Managing the Organisation Hierarchy
  • Creating, Editing and Cloning Business Units, Functions and Projects. 
  • Renaming managed fields.
  • Creating new fields including dependent picklists.
  • Adding help text and mandatory fields.
  • Changing page layouts.
  • Creating Home pages for different profiles.
  • Using Paths and other salesforce functionality to improve usability.
Advanced Learning
  • Managing and creating new Scoring Schemes.
  • Understanding heatmap aggregation.
  • Incident Sharing.
  • Logging in to, refreshing and utilising your Sandbox environment.
Additional Course Details

Course Price: £325 per person (ex VAT) - to be invoiced 

Discounts available for clients with an enhanced support package.

Each course will follow the below timings...
Registration - 9.45 | Start - 10:00 | End - 16:00

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Course Dates & Location

Xactium Admin Training Registration


Course Venue:
1st Floor, 6 Bevis Marks

Course Dates:
12th February 2020
12th May 2020


Course Venue:
No.1 Leeds
26 Whitehall Road
Leeds, LS12 1BE

Course Dates:
10th March 2020
9th June 2020


Course Venue:
Xactium House
28, Kenwood Park Rd
S7 1NF

Course Dates:
23rd January 2020
21st April 2020

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