Helping you Comply with FCA Whistleblowing Rules

A solution for handling, tracking and remediating Whistleblowing disclosures.


Handle all types of Whistleblowing Disclosures

Handle disclosures from employees via the web, email and telephone.

Customisable online forms support the dissemination and capture of whistleblowing disclosures on your intranet, including anonymous disclosures.

Automatically log whistleblowing email disclosures. 




Notify Relevant Parties Immediately

Automate the notification of relevant parties immediately using simple to setup visual workflows.

Assign tasks, and send reminders for untouched actions and activities.



Xactium’s Risk Manager stood out for us because of the speed and ease of implementation. We were already familiar with Salesforce, so we know that the platform offers impressive business advantages, such as better visibility and effortless reporting. Xactium has really listened to our requirements and delivered a solution that enables us to access and manage our processes in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
Paula Lochart, IT Solutions Manager, Business Stream

Securely Track and Coordinate Investigations

Securely Track all the activities undertaken as part of the investigation process.

Keep a full audit trail of all events, documents, evidence and conversations gathered during the investigation,


Put in Place Remediation Actions

Create trackable remediation actions, set target completion dates, and assign action owners.

Use workflows to notify key stakeholders of overdue actions and escalate untouched actions.


Be Assured of Security

Powerful security controls and profiles ensure that only specific staff have access to discloure information.