Xactium User Forum

Have your say in shaping our future product developments

The Forum run by Xactium Users for the development of Xactium Risk Management solutions

The User Forum is your chance to hear what's happening at Xactium, to have your say and regularly meet with other professionals in the risk management industry who are users of Xactium.

"The user forum is our way of engaging with Xactium users to continuously gain ongoing feedback. In doing so, we are able to tailor our products and services to meet your changing needs and priorities."
Andy Evans, Managing Director

By becoming a part of the Xactium User Forum, you will have:

  • The opportunity to identify and voice your opinion on product development
  • Access to early beta releases for testing
  • An opportunity to exchange ideas with other Risk Management professionals who are advancing their risk management practice in their respective industry's
  • The opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with other Xactium users and Xactium product developers
  • Access to implementation tips and short tutorials, giving you an insight into how to use Xactium to its full capacity

How does it work?

The User Forum is open to all existing users of Xactium.

Xactium is commited to making the meeting accessible to a broad spectrum of users, therefore timings of the meetings will be varied so as to maximise opportunities for you to attend.

Xactium is committed to:

  • Allowing all users the opportunity to have their say
  • Taking on board the opinions of those present
  • Managing and chairing the meetings effectively to promote productive communication and discussion

Our Product Roadmap

Charting Exciting New Territory
Guided by customers, our product roadmap charts a journey with many milestones.  
How do we decide what to develop next?  By continuing to consult with our customers and prioritising the features that are most important to them.
Even after we’ve defined our road map, we continue to validate it, taking onboard ongoing feedback from our customers, as well as feedback from our regular user forum events. 
"It was good to engage with other risk professionals in my own industry and different industries"
Claire Coughlan, Risk Officer - Hyperion | Feedback from Xactium's 2015 User Conference