Xactium Customer Training and Support

Training and supporting our customers is a high priority for us in making sure that you and your colleagues are able to get the most out of the Xactium solution.

Whether you have recently implemented our product/s or have been with us for a number of years, we are committed to supporting your business' training requirements to ensure that you're not just comfortable in using the system, but confident.


The Xactium Training Plan

The below plan is designed as rough outline of how training will typically be undertaken upon completion of system implementation.  

Product Orientation 

This one day training is ran by an Xactium training specialist and typically covers the main features of your implemented software. In doing so, this allow users to Champion the system to others within their business. 

Admin users may be shown additional steps in terms of managing users, accessing pre-made reports and navigating the customer community. 

Following this, further training will be provided for your admin and report users detailed below.

Xactium Admin Training

Admin Training (Guardian)

Xactium offers a complimentary admin training session to one admin user once initial product orientation has been completed.

Usually this training takes place three months after initial project sign-off, and is undertaken and delivered by an Xactium training specialist. 

Following this training, admin users will be able to...

  • Manage users, password resets, general app management 
  • Be able to perform basic field, and page configurations
  • Understand and maintain the sandbox environment
  • Advanced understanding of system administration

Completion of this training will also certify you as an Xactium Guardian.

Admin training sessions are held throughout the year and are recommended for new business admins and as a refresher for current admins every 2 years or so.

Find out more about admin training 

Xactium Report Training

Report Training (Architect)

An Xactium report training session, typically takes place three months after admin training is conducted.

The training itself will teach delegates how to view, build and customise reports and dashboards using the flexible reporting tools provided with the Xactium system.

Those who undertake report training will be able to...

  • Build, tabular and grouped reports
  • Build matrix and joined reports, perfect for advanced reporting
  • Construct interactive/dynamic dashboards
  • Use reporting filters and filter logic
  • Subscribing and sharing reports and dashboards

Completion of this training will also certify you as an Xactium Architect.

Report training sessions, like admin sessions, are held throughout the year and are recommended for as a refresher for current users every 2 years or so.

Find out more about report training 


Account Review 

At the 9-12 month mark, your account manager will be in touch to review/follow-up with you to ensure you are completely capable of using the system day to day and determine whether any additional training is required. 

Often we will recommend additional training to customers, if new admins have been bought into the business following the initial admin training, or people's job roles have effectively changed, requiring them to learn more about the system. 

Xactium is constantly looking to advance it's product suite, so additional training around new product features will be available to you. 


Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Our support doesn't end when your team is fully trained on the system. Your account manager will continue to provide help and guidance wherever possible and will regularly be in touch to ensure you are completely happy with your system. 

In addition, our customers have access to our experienced support team, contactable via our online portal or over the telephone during UK office hours.