Xactium Customer Community

Our community shapes and defines what we do as a company as well as our vision for the future of risk, audit and compliance management.

We believe sharing ideas leads to better solutions. Customer feedback drives the development of our products, helping us to continuously add value.

More than just software

When you become an Xactium customer, you aren't just purchasing our software, you're becoming part of a dynamic and inclusive community, where you'll have access to a host of opportunities and experiences which aim to greatly enhance the value of our solutions

Customers can take part in the community in a number of different ways, whether it be through our regular events, webinars, user forums or through accessing the online portal. 

Xactium Events


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Training & Support

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User Forums

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Customer Portal


Customer Events

Each year, Xactium holds a number of events that are catered for professionals within risk, compliance and audit management . 
These events are often presented by a thought leader or member of the Xactium Community itself and offer a great platform for individuals to not only share some of their own insight into topics/areas of interest but also raise their own profiles.
Our events calendar culminates with the Annual Conference which takes place around September/October time, and is an opportunity for our community to gather and hear from some amazing guest speakers from across the GRC sphere as well as find out more about upcoming product developments.

Watch the highlights from last year's Xactium Conference



Xactium webinars are a great way for you to find out about new and exciting features within the products as well as to learn more about what functionality is available for both you and your other users. 

In general our webinars are designed so that you can...

  • See the latest features
  • Learn how new and existing features can help your business
  • Find out when new updates will be available to you

We also have specific webinars available for administrators which they will be able to view upon completion of their relevant training. 

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Customer Training and Support

We understand that learning a new system is not an overnight thing, and there will be times where you may forget certain parts of your initial training. 

Luckily our account management team are here to provide support and guidance to ensure you feel confident in using your chosen solution and can champion it within your organisation.

We offer training courses throughout the year as well, for admin and report level users to enhance their knowledge of the system. 

This also presents an opportunity for different businesses to interact and share their own knowledge of the system with other like minded individuals.

Find out more about our training courses

Xactium User Groups

User Forums

User forums provide our customers with an opportunity to share feedback, experiences and ideas with other members of the Xactium community, in a secure and informal setting. 

Our user forums are a great avenue to provide honest feedback to our product team about what is and isn't working for you within the system and also allows you to potentially shape our future product roadmap. 

User forums tend to be invite only events, so be sure to look for an email from your account manager to find out when the next session is.

Community Portal

Customer Community Portal

The Xactium Customer Community Portal acts as a centralised hub allowing you to easily access support materials including user guides, knowledge articles (coming to 2020 release) and videos to help ensure you and your team have the resources to use your Xactium system with confidence.

Customers can stay up-to-date with new product functionality as well upcoming Xactium events. As part of the standard support package you'll receive four logins for free of charge.

 To activate your users login, please contact you account manager today.