How Do I: Share Ideas

 Using the "HOW DO I" section below you can drill into how Xactium answers some of the key Risk Management challenges.

How Do I...

Share And Exchange Best Practice With Other Risk Managers?

Xactium believes that risk management is a constantly evolving and maturing discipline, and that great things can come of sharing best practices and ideas within the risk community. As a result, we actively encourage our customers to communicate and collaborate through a number of routes, including our annual user conference, our online community and ideas portal and a variety of community events that we hold every year. We also share new ideas and best practices through our our whitepapers , videos and webinars. Our goal is to make risk management modern, relevant and forward looking, enabling it to play a key part in delivering the "frictionless organisation".
FCA compliance with an ERM software solution

Influence The Future Of The Product?

By taking an active part in our community, users and other parties can help us to imrpove our product by suggesting and sharing ideas, and submitting change requests. Xactium maintain a dynamic and evolving roadmap of product chages which we share with our customers, and which we constatly review to identify top priorities for improvement. We then release these through twice yearly releases of our products. In addition, Salesforce (our platform) provide releases three times a year, and we communicate key changes to customers in order that they can take advantage of this highly dynamic and modern cloud platform.