How Do I: Report and Analyse?

 Using the "HOW DO I" section below you can drill into how Xactium answers some of the key Risk Management challenges.

How Do I...

Aggregate My Key Risks On One Page?

One of the challenges of risk management is aggregating risks from across the organisation into a central view. This might be at the group level, divisional or functional level. With Xactium, aggregation is powerfully supported through its flexible reporting tools. Risks can be aggregated at any level in the Business Unit or Functional hierarchy. In addition, aggregation is supported across multiple scoring schemes. For example, in a small business unit, a risk may be rated as red if its financial impact is £5m. However, at the divisional level or group level this may be a less significant exposure. With Xactium's aggregation functionality, risks from different levels are calibrated according to their reporting level. Hence, a red risk at a lower level may be reported as amber or yellow at a higher level, and so on. Thus risks can be prioritised and reported on across the most complex of organisations at the click of a button.

View Reports On Multiple Devices?

With the Xactium platform's support for multiple devices, you can readily access and visualise all your key risk data on any browser and mobile devices. This includes mobiles, tablets and even smart watches such as the iWatch. You can also receive notifications on your devices as well, giving you rapid updates on the progress of specific risk management activities.

Visualise My Data?

Xactium provides a wide variety of data visualisation tools. These include the ability to view your data in a number of different chart types and formats, and to also combine this data into multiple dashboards. It is easy to configure these visualisations using the flexible inbuilt report builder, which supports drag and drop visualisation capabilities. Because the platform has such wide usage, it has also be integrated with a wide array of third party data visualisation tools such as business objects, qlikview, crystal reports, and so on. To set these up all you need to do is go to the appexchange and download and instal the relevant integration application.

Report On Any Key Metrics And Combine Operational And Financial Risk?

You can quickly create dashboards that show the progression of all you key metrics, including key risk indicators, key control indicators and key performance indicators. These show the specific thresholds and track the value of the indicators over time. Multiple dashboards can be created for specific areas of risk, e.g. operational risk or financial and regulatory risk. Dashboards can also be used to track and report on specific areas of risk appetite, for example relating to conduct risk. Dashboards can be printed at any time, this enabling the current risk status to be easily shared and distributed during meetings.

Easily Produce Executive Dashboards?

A variety of executive dashboards are built into the Xactium system. These support the reporting of key risks, incidents and KRIs in one convenient report. Reports are printable in a variety of formats, thus making them easy to distribute. Executive dashboards can also be customised to a clients specific requirements. Support for externally generated excutive reports is also provided through third party document generators such as Conga.