How Do I: Manage A Risk System?

 Using the "HOW DO I" section below you can drill into how Xactium answers some of the key Risk Management challenges.

How Do I...

See Who Is Engaging With Risk Management Processes?

Unlike spreadsheets, it is very easy to see who has completed their assigned reviews, completed their actions and updated specific incidents. Reports can be run to see who has logged in and also to see who hasn't! Collaboration tools similar to facebook enable the easy engagement of users and also the sharing of ideas and strategies across multiple groups of users.
FCA compliance with an ERM software solution

Manage A System Accessible By Everyone In The Organisation?

The Xactium system is designed to accessible by a wide diversity of users on a wide variety of devices. It includes support for multiple languages, locales and currencies. In addition, single sign on and active directory integration are built in to simplify access. The system also supports key accessibility standards, and an alternate user interface mode that lets users with assistive devices, such as speech recognition software and screen readers.

Engage System Users?

You can engage users in a number of ways. Firstly, when selecting a new system it is easy to provide a trial of the system to enable users to test drive the application and understand its functionality. Because the Xactium platform is so flexible it is then possible to quickly configure all aspects of the system - this drives user engagement as they can see how easily it will be to set the system up to their specific needs. As the system is rolled out, users can utilise its user friendly collaboration tools to drive collaboration and communication. Risk thus becomes a community activity, with transparency and sharing at the heart of it. Finally, the system can automate many aspects of the risk management process, this ensuring that users are prompted to perform specific activities and have visibility of important changes in risk exposure.

Ensure The System Is Secure And Reliable?

Security and trust are built into the foundation of the Xactium platform - Salesforce. With over 5 million user worldwide, security is reliability are key. The platform and its hosting conform with all the key security standards, such as ISO 27001 and are regularly audited and reviewed. The use of Xactium and the Salesforce platform by organisations such as HSBC, Centrica Group, and the FCA shows the trust that they have in the security and scalability of the platform.

Adapt The System To Our Evolving Needs?

The Xactium platform is designed from the ground up to be highly configurable and flexible. Virtually all aspects of the system can be configured and customised to your specific requirements. This includes: labels, fields, relationships, layouts, tabs, reports, dashboards, workflows, approvals processes, security controls, emails. For example, new fields can be added to any type of record using a simple to use wizard (provided you are logged in as the administrator). This means that the system is highly agile and can easily adapt to your evolving risk management framework and processes.

Easily Migrate Data To Xactium?

A flexible and powerful data loader application is provided with the platform, which enables formatted (CSV) data to be easily loaded into the system. The data loader supports the setting up of mappings from columns to specific fields. These mappings can be saved and used in later date loading exercises. The data loader is highly scalable and can efficiently load many 100,000s records in just a few seconds. In addition, it can be used in reverser to export data out of the system for archive and migration purposes.

Adapt and Configure The System Myself?

The Xactium platform has been designed to support the needs of business users (rather than just IT). As a result, configuration of the system is something that can be readily undertaken by non-IT experts. A variety of clicks not code wizards are provided for setting up everything from fields to reports and workflows. For example, new fields can be added with just a few clicks, while an intuitive, visual process builder is provided for creating workflows. Because the platform is so widely user, a wide variety of training materials, discussion groups and videos are available to use.

Automate Notifications And Escalations Through Workflows?

Flexible workflow support is a key feature of a well managed risk management process. To support this, an easy to use visual process builder is provided to enable the creation and management of workflows and approval processes. Workflows can be triggered by a change to any record, or through timed events. When trigered they can perform a wide varity of actions, including sendng email notifications, updating fields, updated collaboration fields, starting approval processes and assigning tasks. Multi-chain approval processes are also supported, and these can also result in notifications and status changes. By using workflows and approvals it is possible to significantly reduce manual effort in managing risks, while automating and improving the user experience.