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As a leading provider of modern, cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to FCA regulated organisations, Xactium has created an integrated solution for the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) into its suite of applications.

Xactium has extended its cloud-based compliance application to include full support for the end to end SMCR process. This includes being able to capture all the relevant functions and responsibilities which apply across the organisation.

Key benefits of Xactium's SMCR software solution

  • Get access to ‘one version of the truth’ with our centralised and detailed management of Senior Management Functions (SMFs) and Prescribed Responsibilities.
  • Create and share detailed Responsibility Maps within your organisation.
  • Easy to follow workflow allows senior managers to view and approve all responsibilities and functions assigned to them by the organisation.
  • Assign risks and actions related to specific Prescribed Responsibilities and track their progress.
  • Powerful reporting and dashboard tools make it easy to produce reports on approval status, assignment of responsibilities and for identifying shared responsibilities.
  • Easily produce a variety of documents that set out the firm’s management and governance arrangements, with a click of a button.
  • Generate branded certificates as part of the Certification Regime

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What do you get with Xactium SMCR?

Responsiblity Map
Responsibility Maps
Create visual and interactive responsibility maps of positions responsibilities, functions and governance structures, such as committees, throughout your organisation ensuring that there are no gaps in accountability. It is also possible to create and share multiple versions of a Responsibility Map.
Each senior manager can access their own SMCR hub, within the Xactium system, allowing them to review and approve all their key responsibilities and functions as assigned by an organisation.
workflow automation
Workflow Automation
Powerful document, task management and workflow automation capabilities are also provided within our SMCR software allowing you to set reminders, track completion of specific tasks, attach documents and share notes with other users.
reporting and dashboards
Powerful Dashboards and Reporting
Easily produce reports on the organisation's governance from all sorts of perspectives. Track the approval status or assignment of responsibilities and identify shared responsibilities all in one convenient place. Customise dashboards to show information relevant to you.
Generate Documents
By using Xactium to capture all this information in one place, organisations benefit from having access to ‘one version of the truth’. This in turn provides the capability to produce a variety of documents within the software that set out the firm’s management and governance arrangements, with one click of a button.
Create Certificates
Data taken from the individual’s record is used to produce a standard certificate in a word document. The signed copy can then be imported back into the system to be referenced. Easily manage the certification of senior managers by being able to track individual persons, their certification status as well as track all the relevant steps required to perform certifications.
Questionnaires and Surveys1
Attestation questionnaires and surveys
Xactium supports the ability to create questionnaires and surveys which can then be sent via email to different stakeholders to capture attestations from certified persons and senior managers.
Cloud Based
Integrate with other business systems
With all Xactium products being powered by the Salesforce platform many different third party applications can already be integrated with our solution and call also be connected to various third party systems.

Part of our integrated GRC product suite

Our SMCR application makes up part of our Xactium Compliance platform, which can also be linked up to data within our risk management and audit applications, providing an advanced level of operational oversight for your business, alongside a fully integrated GRC solution. 

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Using cloud automation to fully embed SMCR

There are real opportunities to automate many different areas of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) to reduce the burden of manual processes and to ensure individual accountability is fully integrated into “business as usual” in regulated firms.
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