Six Life Lessons FOR POSITIVE Risk Engagement


One of the main and toughest challenges that risk managers face is trying to engage the wider organisation with risk. Risk management to the uninitiated remains a fairly alien concept and can be hard for the wider business to understand the benefits of being able to do it well.

David Smith is Risk, Technology and Operations Officer at THB, the specialist international (re)insurance broking and risk management group. Previously he was Head of Operational Risk at Direct Line, a senior manager at KPMG, and senior policy advisor at the Financial Conduct Authority.

Throughout his career he has applied the core principles of risk engagement in various businesses, most of which has put down to six key life lessons told to him by his dad during car journeys they took together in the 80's. This book looks at these life lessons and how they can applied to create an effective and positive risk engagement approach.

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“I grew up in the 1980s in a village in north east England which was quite remote so we had to go everywhere by car. That was the one place my dad realised he could actually get my attention."

"He was a headmaster, always keen to impart important life lessons, and in the car I was his captive audience. During our journeys together, I absorbed my dad’s general principles for success – and over the years, I’ve come to understand that a lot of the things I’ve achieved in risk engagement are firmly rooted in these lessons."

"Risk engagement is not complicated. It’s about getting out into the business and talking to people in a way they understand and can relate to. Anyone can do it.”