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Increasing flexibility, Risk Visibility and Compliance at every Organisational Level

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Xactium Risk Management Software


  • Manage risk consistently across your organisation.
  • Get your whole staff on board with a user-friendly system interface.
  • See a real-time view of your risks, from every aspect of your business.
  • Aggregate risks at every organisational level.
  • Focus your time on managing risk, not collating and manipulating risk data.
  • Easy configurability for the perfect-fit cloud solution for your risk management framework.



Risk Identification

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Risk Assessment

Risk Mitigation

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The Perfect Fit for Your Framework

Xactium's Risk Management Solutions have the flexibility and configurability to meet the Risk Management needs of any organisation. Virtually every aspect of the solution can be easily configured, from fields to reports. It doesn’t matter how mature your risk management framework is or if your current solution is based on spreadsheets or another software package. Risk Manager will boost your risk management operations with efficient scalability, fast configurability and all the benefits of an enterprise-level cloud solution.

Xactium's Risk Management Solutions support ISO 31000 and the Three Lines of Defence (3LOD).



The Advantages are Clear

Xactium's Risk Management Solutions delivers improvements to risk visibility. We enable you to achieve your most important risk management goals.

Risk Aggregation

Group risks by risk rating at every level of your organisation.

Flexible Scoring Schemes

Create custom riskscoring scheme matrices for each of your business units, departments and legal entities.

The Digital Board

Your risk reports are always ready to present on tablet screens at board meetings.

Smart Hierarchies

Easily create flexible organisation hierarchy charts. Associate risks and risk ratings with individual business units.

Real-time Collaboration

Your team can start chatting about specific risks, actions and controls directly from system records. No more relying on disconnected email chains.

Powerful User Management

Create flexible user permission policies that can meet complex requirements.




Risk Identification

Identify risks more easily. Record risks and associated data consistently, in one central system. 

  • Build a flexible risk management hierarchy.
  • Assign ownership for all risks.
  • Set risk appetite and tolerance levels for individual risks.
  • Categorise risks according to your risk framework taxonomy.
  • Quickly create risks from standard, built-in templates or customise your own.
  • Easily capture risk events, KRIs and causes against risks.

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"The first line of defence has more visibility of risk and the second line control functions have access to a better structured risk commentary. Risk Manager has helped us to generate a smarter, more focused conversation around risk."
Stuart Austin, Senior Risk Partner, Homeserve

Risk Assessment

Assess risks quickly across your organisation. Enjoy greater efficiency and consistency. Xactium Risk Management Software supports:

  • Multiple scoring schemes
  • Inherent, residual and target scoring
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk assessments
  • Intuitive, user-friendly risk assessment entry
  • Instantly see risk assessment results
  • Trending of historical risk assessments

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Risk Mitigation

Fully support and visualise all risk mitigation controls and supporting actions, across your organisation. 

  • Assign ownership of all mitigating controls and actions.
  • Assess effectiveness of controls and their impact on one or more risks.
  • Escalate and receive notifications of overdue actions and underperforming controls.
  • Easily compare your residual risk position against the current status of your mitigating controls and actions.

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Risk Reporting

See key risk insights and trends in intuitive management dashboards. Easily build powerful, custom reports and heatmaps. 

  • Aggregate risks at every level of your organisation.
  • See your most important risk data at a glance with risk heatmaps.
  • Quickly produce real-time reports across all your organisation's risk data.
  • Easily create custom risk register reports, in a range of formats, for inclusion in your management and board reports.

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Xactium also has additional modules that seamlessly integrate with Xactium Risk Management Software to allow organisations to comprehensively manage the First, Second and Third lines of defence.

Key Risk Indicator Management

Key Risk Indicator Management

Xactium allows users to track, manage and visualise all of their organisation’s key risk and control indicators (KRIs and KCIs). Make sure that your first line of defence know’s if any risk events occur or if KRI or KCI threshold has been or is in danger of being breached so that corrective mitigating actions can be put in place.



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