Xactium Risk Management Software makes capturing risks and associated information easy.

Everything is stored in one central cloud-based solution, in a consistent and usable manner. 


Organisational Hierarchy

Build a flexible, easy to change Risk Management hierarchy that maps to your organisation. 

Easily visualise and navigate your business unit structure, including departments, functions and projects at any level of depth.

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Track risks by business unit

Risks By Business Unit

Capture risks against relevant business units, functions, departments and projects.

'Drill-down' to specific business units and view the status of all your risks and associated information.


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By delivering our risk assessment and management services in this way, we will be better equipped to proactively manage our critical risk and audit data, enabling us to get an immediate view of our clients’ risk position.
Giles Baxter, UK IS & Change Director, RSA

All Risk Information in One Place

All information associated with each risk is logically grouped together on one page.

You can easily and quickly get a holistic view of the key information that relates to each risk.

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Risk templates

Risk Templates

Quickly create risks from standard, built-in templates or customise your own.

Xactium Risk Manager's powerful and innovative template technology allows you to create risks with all associated controls, actions and Key Risk Indicators that you need to manage going forward.

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Risk events/incidents

Risk Events/Incidents

Allow anyone in your organisation to capture risk events or incidents via a customisable web form that can be a stand-alone web page or hosted on your company's intratet.

Track them against risks and automatically notify key stakeholders of their occurrence using configurable workflows. 

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