Effective risk assessment is critical to the success of your risk management framework.

Xactium Risk Manager makes it easy to create and complete risk assessments that represent each area of your business.


Assess Risks from Multiple Perspectives

Perform inherent, residual and target risk assessments within an easy-to-use intelligent risk assessment wizard, which can be configured to your specific needs.

Easily switch between quantitative and qualitative risk assesment views.


Setup Multiple Risk Assessment Scoring Schemes

Setup Multiple Risk Assessment Scoring Schemes

Easily create multiple scoring schemes for each area of your business.

Xactium's highly flexible scoring schemes support any number of likelihood and impact bands.


Assess Multiple Impact Categories

Assess risks against the impact categories that matter to your organisation, including quantifiable cost and time based categories.

Use quantitative impact categories with measurable parameters and qualitative descriptions.

By embracing new cloud computing technologies, such as Xactium Risk Manager, we’re confident we can focus and strengthen the company’s risk management processes.
Andy Bastow, Head of International Risk and Compliance, Lockton Insurance Group
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Notifications and Escalations

Create workflows to notify risk owners when their assessments are due.

Escalate outstanding risk assessments and neglected risks.

Trend Risk Assessments

Instant Trend Results

Quickly see the trend of your assessment results at the risk and business unit level.