Adapting Risk Management Techniques to
Address Different Project Threats

Led by Tim Hess, this workshop will draw contrasts between differing approaches to risk management and how delivery needs to be adapted depending on the differing nature of project threats on major projects.

Tim will discuss the delivery of risk management on Magilligan Prison Northern Ireland, Navitus Bay Windfarm, Thameslink and London to Corby Electrification project at Network Rail.

About The Speaker: Tim Hess
Tim Hess
Tim has 18 years of experience as a risk and value management consultant working in many business environments. Tim currently has his own freelance business, Quantify Risk Management. Tim has had the roles of risk manager, risk analyst and implemented risk and value management process development in large infrastructure organisations.

Tim started implementing risk and value management processes in 1999 at Thames Water and West of Scotland Water. He has had experience delivering risk management support on many major projects around the UK, including Terminal 5, Mersey Gateway bridge, M74 motorway, Queensferry Crossing, Navitus Bay Wind Farm, Tidal Lagoons Swansea Bay, Thames Tideway, Crossrail, Thameslink as well as providing many years of risk management support to the Environment Agency, Highways England and Network Rail.

Baltic Exchange
38 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8BH
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Start: 8:00am | Finish: 10:00am


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