Easily manage risks across your projects and portfolios. Get consistency of risk data and understand risk exposure at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Xactium is THE next generation Project Risk Management solution. This means it's fast to deploy and easy to use with a modern and flexible interface. The solution is highly scalable and secure from 1 to 100,000 users plus and works on any device.

  • Easily and quickly embed risk management into each project with no software installation.
  • Consistently manage risks and opportunities across your project portfolios.
  • Aggregate and report on risks at every level of the organisation.
  • Automate and track key risk mitigation activities.
  • Supports best practice project risk scoring methodologies.
  • Simple-to-use, flexible and scalable cloud-based solution.

Project Lifecycle

Organisational Structure

Risk Assessments

Risk Mitigation

Risk Reporting

Workflows & Approvals


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Manage Risk Throughout the Project Lifecycle

Xactium allows you to record and manage risks at every stage of each individual project from project planning, through inception to completion.

Capturing All Risks

Easily capture all risks that impact each of your projects. Track the financial exposure of each project as it progresses. Effectively show your risk exposure burndown rate tracked against your project status;

  • Assign risks to individual projects, programmes and business units.
  • Ensure that each task is owned by the relevant person.
  • Capture and track issues and incidents and link them to risks.

Program and Organisation Structure

Use a simple and flexible program and organisational hierarchy to define risk structure throughout your organisation and get instant visibility of risk exposure at each level of your program hierarchy.

Simple Risk Assessments

Simple Risk Assessments

Risk assessments need to be relevant to the project, work breakdown item  or program (or programme). With Xactium, it is simple to create custom scoring schemes that represent the risks that your are managing with relevant impact categories to allow for accurate risk exposure reporting.

  • Custom flexible scoring schemes.
  • Quantitative & Qualitative risk assessments.
  • Simple risk assessment completion.  
Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Fully support and visualise all risk mitigation actions and controls across your organisation and portfolios. With Xactium you can:

  • Clearly define and see ownership of all mitigating actions and controls.
  • Track the status of actions and their completion status and updates.
  • Escalate and send notifications of overdue actions and underperforming controls.
  • Easily compare your residual risk position against the current status of your mitigating actions and controls.

Risk Reporting

Report on risks at every level of your project portfolio. Easily create and run the reports that matter to you the most whenever you need them without the need for manual collection of data:

  • Aggregate risks at every level of your organisation
  • See your most important risk data at a glance with summary dashboards
  • Quickly run reports from your standard sets of risk data
  • Easily create custom risk register reports, in a range of formats, for inclusion in your board reports
Workflows, Approvals and Escalations

Workflows, Approvals and Escalations

Make sure that nothing gets missed by using automated tasks to notify users when their actions are due:

  • Notify all risk owners when their risk assessments, actions and control reviews are due.
  • Notify managers of high levels of risk.
  • Escalate missed deadlines so that you minimise the impact of incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date data.
  • Track and Manage Issues and Incidents.


Make sure risk management is firmly embedded into your overall project management activities. Our solution offers the capability of web services integration to a wide variety of third party applications, including.

  • @Risk.
  • SAP.
  • Oracle.