Project Risk Management Software

Xactium Project is the world’s first intelligent project risk system with embedded AI and advanced analytics capabilities.

Our cloud-based software solution is designed to improve overall risk management performance, helping to reduce risk exposure and ultimately bring savings to capital projects.


  • Built on one of the world’s most scalable cloud platforms, ensures organisations can readily accommodate changes required by specific projects.

  • A modern user-friendly interface that is available on mobile devices enables users to easily engage with the risk system, making it accessible to both onsite Project Managers users and Risk Professionals.

  • Easily customisable, compared to other project risk systems available. Once an organisations needs are determined the admin user within an organisation can simply modify elements for business use, including adding business specific fields, reports, workflows, approvals, and security controls.

  • Inbuilt social communication tools ensure users can easily collaborate on project risk



  • Can be easily integrated with a variety of different third party applications and other project management tools.

  • Analytics built on the latest AI technology allows you to easily capture all risks that impact each of your projects.

  • Track the financial risk exposure of each project as it progresses.

  • Workflow automation allows for streamlining of processes and helps to significantly reduce time spent on follow up and administration tasks.


& Insightful

  • A central repository for all your project risk data providing one version of the truth for your organisation.

  • Intelligent Analytics built on the latest AI technology that transforms oversight and project risk insights

  • Flexible reporting and data sharing for real-time visibility of key project information and possible trends.

  • Centralised and systematic monitoring of KRIs, KPIs and KCIs within the system.

Informative and Insightful

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Xactium Project Risk Management


This brochure provides a detailed overview of the key features of our system and how it can be used to benefit project risk managers.


Xactium’s full lifecycle of services enables you to plan, design, configure, maintain and effectively embed an enterprise GRC system.
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Risk Template Libraries

In this paper, we discuss utilising the concept of a risk template library as a way to avoid a siloed approach to risk management information.
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Risk template libraries

Key Features

Xactium Project empowers an organisation to grow and innovate by ensuring the management of risk is as frictionless as possible and that the vital information on risk is always up to date and easy to access.
The features below provide an overview as to how our risk system is changing the way that the discipline of project risk management is perceived.
Risk Reporting and Advanced Analytics
Generate a wide variety of project risk reports and utilise interactive analytics dashboards, providing key insights into your data.
Embedded AI
Embedded AI
Improve the efficiency of day-to-day tasks using XAI, an in-built AI tool that learns from each user interaction.
Organisational Hierarchy
Organisational Hierarchy
Create clear lines of reporting and aggregation.
Risk Libraries
Create risk and control templates that can be reused, to help encourage consistency across projects.
Simple Risk Assessments
Set up multiple scoring schemes/matrices for specific projects and business units. An intuitive risk assessment entry wizard ensures all risk owners can easily complete all risk assessments.
Risk Mitigation
Link issues to risks and assign mitigation actions. Escalate and receive notifications of overdue actions.
Risk Measurement
Track multiple KRIs, KCIs and KPIs using a metric tool built into the Xactium Project risk system.
Control Testing
Automate the periodic testing of key controls to ensure they are working effectively and gather and approve evidence of control effectiveness.
Issue Measurement
Xactium has an ‘out of the box’ issue management capability, which can be rapidly adapted to meet the needs of your compliance reporting and management activities. Report incidents of any type, including health and safety as well as security threats.
User Profiles and Security
With a cloud-based solution such as Xactium, you can be assured of a highly secure infrastructure that conforms to all the latest security standards, is always backed-up and has tight control over who can access and edit critical project risk data.
Monte Carlo Analysis
Run assessments of any risk register with our quick and easy to use Monte Carlo analysis tool. Understand the exposure of a risk register for project decision making.
Workflows, Approvals and Escalations
Make sure that nothing gets missed by using automated tasks to notify users when their actions are due. Escalate missed deadlines so that you minimise the impact of incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date data.

Our Customers

We have implemented Xactium Project into a wide range of organisations wishing to better manage risks across projects and portfolios, whilst also providing consistency of risk data and understanding of risk exposure across every stage of the project lifecycle. View some of out customer stories below.