Xactium Online Admin Training

Your Xactium system is a powerful and flexible solution. However, ensuring it is managed and maintained properly is essential if it is to be used successfully in your organisation.

We strongly recommend that all system admins attend a training session every couple of years to refresh their knowledge of the Xactium solution, as well as to learn about new developments and ensure they are using best practices.

This course is also essential for any new system administrators.

Xactium Guardian Course Breakdown (Online Training)

Our Xactium Guardian training will give you a firm understanding to all the key areas of administration and associated best practices, ensuring you have all the tools you need to achieve a successful ongoing deployment of your solution.

The training itself is broken down into 4 modules (5 modules if you're a risk admin).

Modules are completed via online sessions consisting of a video call with your Xactium trainer who'll take you through the relevant content. You'll also be given access to a trial org to follow along with your trainer and complete assigned tasks/challenges, all of which will assist in your learning and understanding of the module content.

Upon completion of all relevant modules, users will receive an Xactium Guardian certificate and will get access to the Admin related content on the Customer Community Portal.

The course content is broken down below...

Module 1
  • Intro to Xactium and understanding the Salesforce Platform
  • Managing Business Units and the Org Hierarchy
  • Adding Users and Contacts
Module 2
  • Editing Flexi Page layouts
  • Adding useful components to Objects
  • Creating additional Home Pages for different profiles
Module 3
  • Adding new fields
  • Changing field layouts
  • Creating picklists and picklist values
  • Dependent field management
  • Making fields mandatory and field help text
  • Renaming fields
Module 4
  • Field History Tracking
  • Paths
  • List views
  • Default Navigation bar
  • Sandboxes
Module 5 (Xactium Risk Admin Only)
  • Incident Sharing
  • Heatmap Aggregation
  • Scoring schemes
Course Details

Course Price: £85 per person (ex VAT).
Discounts available for clients with an extended support package.

Amount will be invoiced before the 1st training module commences.

Course date: Various dates and times are available for each module.

Whilst we recommend completing these modules in chronological order, it is not essential that you do so.

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