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Xactium releases SMCR functionality within existing compliance system

Posted by Ryan Reed on Thu, May 23, 2019 in UK Senior Managers Regime, SMCR

Senior Managers Regime Software Solution

Xactium is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its SMCR functionality as part of its increasingly popular compliance solution.

Xactium has extended its cloud-based compliance application to include full support for the end to end SMCR process, including; the ability to capture all relevant functions and responsibilities that apply across the organisation, create and manage responsibility maps, get approval from senior managers, and generate relevant documentation for regulators. 

Xactium SMCR is a free extension to Xactium Compliance, which provide a central place for Compliance teams to efficiently manage and track the wide range of activities they are responsible for across regulated businesses.

Some key benefits and differentiators of Xactium SMCR are:

  • Access to all the features of Xactium Compliance.
  • An intuitive, modern and interactive user interface.
  • Built in AI capabilities.
  • Fully integrated with Xactium’s GRC platform, enabling the tracking and visibility of associated Risks, Controls and Policies.
  • Powerful and flexible document generation tools: generate key FCA documents at the click of a button.

 Andy Evans, MD of Xactium comments:

“We’re excited to be rolling out support for SMCR in a compliance solution. SMCR provides a unifying governance layer on top of GRC, and its this combination of integration with our GRC suite, and a modern, innovative platform, that provides a really exciting SMCR solution for all our customers.”

Like other Xactium products, Xactium SMCR is native to the Salesforce platform, a leading enterprise cloud-based platform which supports powerful configuration capabilities and interactive reporting and dashboard tools. 

 Andy Evans, MD of Xactium adds: 

"Utilising our SMCR software on Salesforce offers a wide range of benefits for our customers and allows our solution to be scalable to any business size, while also providing additional workflow and reporting tools that are essential for managing risk, compliance and audit processes effectively." 

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