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UK’s Leading Debt Charity, StepChange, Select Xactium as their Risk Management System Provider

Posted by Serina Gill on Wed, Mar 07, 2018

StepChange-logo-jpgStepChange Debt Charity is the UK’s leading debt charity providing a free comprehensive debt advice service.  Xactium has been selected as the preferred risk management information system. 

By implementing Xactium as the core risk management system, providing the centralisation of data to powerful reporting tools and allows charity risks to be viewed in real time across different organisational levels.

Angela Padgett, Group Risk Manager at StepChange Debt Charity said: “We are very pleased to be working with Xactium and I am confident that the risk management solution will provide our charity with enhanced risk reporting and aggregated assessments of the risks that the charity faces. ”

Andy Evans, Managing Director, Xactium commented: “We’re really pleased that StepChange has joined us as a customer of our risk management solution. StepChange perform a very valuable service as a charity, and clearly risk management is an essential aspect of their day to day operations, which we are very happy to facilitate.”

Xactium Whitepaper: People, Their Behaviour, Business Culture and Risk


About StepChange –

The vision at StepChange Debt Charity is to create a society free from problem debt.  Problem debt is not just an issue for individuals, but goes much further - it damages families and communities and costs in excess of £8 billion a year.  As the UK’s largest debt charity, we’re at the forefront of providing debt advice and solutions. Our core objectives are to:  

  • provide and create greater awareness of free debt advice and solutions
  • champion the cause of people who are in, or at risk of, problem debt by influencing public and private policymakers  campaigning for change
  • enhance people's financial understanding and capability so that they can better manage their money and debts, and recover from problem debt

-About Xactium-

Xactium is a cloud based GRC software provider that helps Risk Managers to transform the way that organisations evaluate and manage their enterprise risk. The value of the risk process and its profile is raised through the use of risk intelligence that improves efficiency and creates insights that influence decisions across the business.

Xactium is the world's first enterprise risk-intelligent system, with the revolutionary use of embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence), 3D visualisation and automation that dramatically improves efficiency and creates innovative analytics.  Reporting is made easy and timely, and predictive insights enable senior managers to prioritise resources.

Xactium is also built for managing change and is probably the most flexible and configurable enterprise risk management system available today. This adaptability  ensures that our customers stay up to date and able to respond to both business and regulatory change, without the need for costly bespoke programming.

Overall, Xactium releases more time and resource for the risk team to help promote best practice and demonstrate the value of risk across the business through actionable insight.