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HomeServe selects Xactium Risk Manager for UK incident and risk management

Posted by Chris Bell on Wed, Jul 29, 2015 in Risk Management


homeserve_logo-1-984508-editedLondon, UK, July 29th, 2015. Xactium Limited, the Cloud Enterprise Risk Management solutions company, announces that HomeServe Membership Limited, part of HomeServe Plc. has implemented and has been successfully using Xactium Risk Manager for the past 18 months to manage internal risks and risk events across its UK business.

HomeServe’s primary objective was to move risk management away from spreadsheets and streamline their processes in order to strengthen first line risk management and comprehensively report on risk and risk events across the organisation.

A customised cloud-based solution, Xactium Risk Manager provides a real-time holistic view of risks and risk events across the entire organisation, ensuring information is shared between departments. Xactium Risk Manager is enabling Risk Management to be embedded across the business.

Stuart Austin, Senior Risk Partner at HomeServe said “Xactium Risk Manager has helped us to interrogate our risk and incident information to a much more granular level while also enabling us to produce a broader profile of risk. As a result we’ve been able to structure our risk action plans more clearly and better visualise the effectiveness of controls in place”.

Stuart added “Now we’re able to tell staff that we’ll be reporting on the system on a given date and they can ensure that their data has been updated as appropriate. The front line has more visibility of risk and the second line control functions have access to a better structured risk commentary. Overall, the system has helped us to generate a smarter, more focused conversation around risk”.

As Xactium Risk Manager is user-configurable, HomeServe has the ability to adapt the system to their requirements as future needs develop. Furthermore, HomeServe attributes the use of a cloud-based system as helping to increase transparency across their business with “little or no IT support required”. 

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