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At Xactium we are dedicated to continuously improving our products to meet the ever changing requirements of our customers and to ensure our customers are benefiting from the latest technologies.

With every new release we introduce functionality that will further improve usability, maximise efficiency and enable greater insight with the ultimate goal to help the risk team to raise their profile and be in a better position to influence strategic business decisions.



Embracing the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

AI is emerging as a next major wave of innovation, enabled by advances in computing power, the ability to store large volumes of data in the cloud at minimal cost, and easier access to advanced algorithms via APIs.

Enterprise risk management is a compelling fit for AI and Xactium is leading the way in integrating AI into the risk management arena.   AI is set to revolutionise the way that risk managers work by improving efficiency and providing deeper understanding into their organisation's risk data.

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View your risks in a virtual 3D environment

In 2018, Xactium Risk Management will be enhanced with the addition of a revolutionary visualisation tool that will provide users with a unique opportunity to view their entire risk network in a virtual 3D space.

The tool will allow users to move in, out and around their data providing an alternative perspective that will make it easier to identify patterns and relationships as well as possible areas for concern.

The tool will be available to use on a standard computer monitor but attendees at our 2017 Conference were given the opportunity to experience the technology first hand through virtual reality 3D glasses.

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Our product roadmap is influenced by valuable ongoing feedback from our customers at our regular user forum events
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time saving

Xactium Risk 8.0: Uncovering more ways to save you time and increase oversight

The latest release of Xactium Risk continues to drive to help risk managers improve the efficiency of their risk processes as well as improve 2nd line risk oversight and control.

New features and functionality areas introduced include:

  • Control testing
  • Risk acceptance
  • Risk overview page
  • Risk oversight dashboard

Download the Xactium Risk 8.0 flyer

Risk insight

Monte Carlo simulation for greater risk insight

The Xactium Risk system now includes a cloud based Monte Carlo simulation tool.  At the click of a button, you can understand the likelihood of risks occuring and the potential financial impact to the organisation should those risks materialise.

Results are presented in a variety of simple graphical formats, making it easy to communicate this information to senior management and ultimately to influence business decisions.

Download the Monte Carlo white paper

Our product roadmap

Charting exciting new territory

Guided by customers. Our product road map charts a journey with many milestones. How do we decide what to develop next? By continuing to consult with our customers, and prioritising the features that are most important to them. So even after we’ve defined our road map, we keep validating it. 

Time for a test drive

Time for a test drive

Beta testers help us to improve new products before release.

After we complete software development and quality assurance on a new or enhanced feature, we conduct beta testing with a small group of our customers. Beta tests aim to answer questions such as:

  • Does the new feature add sufficient value?
  • Does it work as customers expected it to?
  • How could it be made better?

Beta tests help us to improve products before release and shape our future roadmap.

By embracing new cloud computing technologies, such as Xactium, we’re confident we can focus and strengthen the company’s risk management processes.
Andy Bastow, Head of Professional Standards, Hyperion Insurance Group