Successful Risk Management = Successful Projects

Managing risk is a key factor in every project for UK engineering and construction companies. 

Firms have competed for projects on the basis of their project management skills and with the ever increasing list of potential risks, risk management now plays a key role when bidding for and delivering successful projects. 


Project Risk Management Is Changing

Xactium - A New Approach

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Project risk management is changing

Gone are the days of traditional waterfall project management. Project risk managers are having to adopt more agile and collaborative approaches to achieving project success in highly dynamic environments.

To achieve this, they need a project risk solution that can flex to the specifics of their industry, embrace agility, and enable better collaboration and communication at all levels in the organisation.


Xactium - a new approach to risk for Infrastructure projects

  • No longer be constrained by the inflexiblity of your project risk management software - rapidly adapt it to the specific processes and requirements of your organisation.
  • Benefit from a modern, user friendly interface and powerful reporting tools.
  • Support collaboration and ease of communication with internal staff and external contractors and suppliers.
  • Easily aggregate risks at all levels of the organisation.
  • Integrate multiple applications, devices and data sources through a centralised risk management solution.
  • Leverage the scalability of the world's leading enterprise cloud platform.

Providing Risk Management For Leading UK Infrastructure Companies

Xactium has been selected by some of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK and and is delivering tailored project risk solutions to global clients, across 100's of projects.