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What is holistic surveillance and why does it matter?

Holistic surveillance concerns the monitoring and analysis of structured and unstructured data, with the aim of intercepting the harmful actions specifically of rogue employees, but also clients, cyber criminals or indeed any body that is intent on...

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Social Media Benefits and Risks

Managing risk in social media is a challenging task. With little regulation, it continues to spread fake news, can prove a gold mine for identity fraudsters and is far too much of a distraction in the workplace.

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Whistleblowing Policy – Why Risk Managers Should Tread Carefully

No matter how senior someone is, they should respect the right of anyone in their organisation to act as a whistleblower. If not, then the repercussions can be serious.

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Call for Data Sharing Brings Rewards and Risks

A breath of fresh air is blowing through the closeted world of banking – and the force behind this is greater data sharing. So what could it mean for customers and for risk managers, does releasing more information mean less control?

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Topics: Risk Manager, FCA, outsourcing

Why outsourcing can be a risky business

Royal Bank of Scotland recently announced it will move 443 jobs from the UK to Mumbai, India. So does outsourcing still come with the associated risk it did a few years ago? Well some experts believe the risks could actually be increasing.

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Are you ready for MiFID II?

Has your firm met the FCA’s deadline of 3 July to apply for MiFID II authorisation? With a raft of new requirements to meet, this forthcoming regulation is piling on the pressure for risk managers.

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Remuneration Risk Management

A majority of MPs recently voted to keep the public sector pay cap at 1%. But although the government won the day and the cap remains in force, there is no doubt that there is increasing criticism of austerity and of the disparity in pay between those...

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Topics: Risk Manager, FCA, Brexit, Money Laundering

Money Laundering A Rising Concern For Risk Managers

Home Office figures show there has been a rise of 12% from overseas governments and regulatory authorities questioning money-laundering activities.

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Brexit – Keep Calm and Manage the Change

Pre-referendum, many voices within the UK financial services industry called for a remain vote, believing access to the single market and being part of Europe would result in a more stable future. But, let the hand-wringing stop…the UK voted out and...

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