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Risk Management, Brexit

Why too many businesses are unprepared for a no deal Brexit

Recent research has found that two-fifths of UK businesses – primarily SMEs – are unprepared to cope in the event of a no deal Brexit. The survey, from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), found that two-fifths (41%) of all businesses had not...

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Risk Management, Cyber Security

Cyber joins business interruption as a leading global risk

Businesses have woken up to the fact that cyber risk is one of their biggest concerns, joining business interruption in joint first place in the Allianz Risk Barometer for 2019.

This influential survey from insurer Allianz questioned 2,415 experts...

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Risk Management, Company Culture

CSR and risk management – a natural alignment

As a risk manager are you fully up to date with your company’s corporate social responsibility activities? If not, then current thinking suggests you should be.

Promoting CSR strategies in the context of effective risk management will be a priority...

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Risk Management

What is holistic surveillance and why does it matter?

Holistic surveillance concerns the monitoring and analysis of structured and unstructured data, with the aim of intercepting the harmful actions specifically of rogue employees, but also clients, cyber criminals or indeed any body that is intent on...

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Risk Management

Social Media Benefits and Risks

Managing risk in social media is a challenging task. With little regulation, it continues to spread fake news, can prove a gold mine for identity fraudsters and is far too much of a distraction in the workplace.

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Risk Management, FCA

Whistleblowing Policy – Why Risk Managers Should Tread Carefully

No matter how senior someone is, they should respect the right of anyone in their organisation to act as a whistleblower. If not, then the repercussions can be serious.

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