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Topics: Risk Management, Company Culture

CSR and risk management – a natural alignment

As a risk manager are you fully up to date with your company’s corporate social responsibility activities? If not, then current thinking suggests you should be.

Promoting CSR strategies in the context of effective risk management will be a priority...

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Topics: Risk Management, Phishing, Email Scams

10 email scams risk managers need to know about

Risk managers have long been wise to their existence, but increasingly sophisticated email scammers continue to earn rich pickings. Last year, Action Fraud said it received some 8,000 reports of phishing scams every month and numbers continue to rise. 

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Topics: Risk Management, Data Protection, GDPR, Personal Data

GDPR is coming! Is your Risk Management ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is serious stuff, as any risk manager worth their salt will know. But with something this big, there is no point only a minority being aware of the drill.

So, does more need to be done to get the message...

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Topics: Risk Management, FCA, Personal Contract Plans, PCP

Risk Managers beware! Is PCP the next PPI?

There are few things more enjoyable than picking up the keys to a new car and personal contract plans (PCPs) have made it a whole lot easier to drive away in a desirable car that seemed previously out of reach.

The growth in popularity of PCP...

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Topics: Risk Management, Risk Appetite

Risk appetite management - like herding cats?

It can be extremely difficult to pin down exactly what constitutes a company’s risk appetite and ensuring it is adhered to. No wonder it remains one of the hottest topics in risk management.

How it should be defined, does it go far enough and whether...

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Topics: Risk Management, incident management, Behavioural Risk, Risk culture

The Wells Fargo farrago is a cautionary tale..

Taking corporate responsibility is hard - sometimes it’s much easier to pin difficulties on a scapegoat. Simply get rid of them and all will be well again. But, how often do problems in a major institution stem from just one bad guy or girl?


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Topics: Risk Management, incident management, social engineering risk, fraud

Social engineering fraud a hot topic for risk managers

Impersonation for financial gain is nothing new, but companies of every description now face increasingly sophisticated fraudsters who are taking the crime to a whole new level. No wonder for risk managers that social engineering fraud is a hot topic.

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Topics: Risk Management, Change Management, Behavioural Risk, PPI

PPI – much needed closure is in sight but have the Risk Management lessons been learnt?

Finally, a deadline has been set for consumers to make claims for payment protection insurance (PPI). The regulator, the FCA, has said it wants to bring the matter to an “orderly conclusion”, helping banks to manage their liabilities and no doubt...

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Topics: Risk Management, incident management, business decisions, Behavioural Risk, Risk culture

Is Business Culture a Risk Management Issue?

The behaviour of senior Bankers is in the news again this week. A BBC Panorama programme played secret recordings potentially implicating the Bank of England and others in Libor rate scandal.  

The programme suggests that this recording brings into...

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