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Are you ready for MiFID II?

Has your firm met the FCA’s deadline of 3 July to apply for MiFID II authorisation? With a raft of new requirements to meet, this forthcoming regulation is piling on the pressure for risk managers.

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Solvency II post Brexit – what should risk managers expect?

A number of senior insurance executives have spoken out against Solvency II and are calling for the regime to be eased. But, for risk managers, many of whom have spent months working on this onerous project, is there any likelihood of this and is it...

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Claims Management Regulation: Updates, Issues and Consultations

A recent report by The Claims Management Regulation Unit (CMR), shows that the number of Claims Management companies (CMCs) operating under its remit in the UK, namely across personal injury and financial products has reduced by almost 25%. Conversely...

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In the News: JPMorgan’s “extraordinary fines"

On Friday JPMorgan agreed a $5.1bn payout to the US Federal Housing Finance Agency for misleading Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the housing boom.

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