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FCA swings regulatory spotlight onto insurer claims performance

The term ‘value measures data’ will already be familiar to a number of risk managers andcompliance professionals within general insurance – however regulations are changing, with the FCA planning to introduce new reporting requirements on claims...

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27% of insurance brokers 'completely unaware' of the Insurance Distribution Directive

The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) has arrived and whether they have made sufficient preparations or not, intermediaries should already be compliant.  Firms with in-house compliance departments, typically larger businesses, are likely to be up...

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Solvency II post Brexit – what should risk managers expect?

A number of senior insurance executives have spoken out against Solvency II and are calling for the regime to be eased. But, for risk managers, many of whom have spent months working on this onerous project, is there any likelihood of this and is it...

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