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Future for risk management

Risk Management Careers – A Pathway To The Board?

Risk managers should be seen as highly valued and trusted advisers to their boards however this is not always the case. Securing the necessary buy-in and engagement from board members is an on-going challenge.

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FCA Complaints Handling Rules Should Be On Risk Managers’ Radar

Complaints handling is a tough nut to crack. It can be a complex, time consuming and frustrating process to put matters right - or indeed decide after due consideration that a complainant is not justified. 

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Future for risk management

Luddites beware, automated financial advice will have its place

General insurance brokers and independent financial advisers are among those who may well be feeling under siege as various financial institutions prepare to launch automated advice solutions.

Middlemen have long been threatened by direct providers...

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The Risk Manager's Guide to the Galaxy - Our vision for the new age of Risk Management

Our Risk Manager’s Guide to the Galaxy is a fresh perspective on how we see the future role of risk management and the proactive part it should play within the decision making process in an organisation.   

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