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Financial Services, Insurance, COVID-19

COVID-19 – is the insurance industry failing to deliver?

Long after lockdown has ended, there could well be ongoing fallout, potentially in the courts, over whether business interruption (BI) claims should have paid out.

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Compliance Management, Financial Services

The 5 biggest challenges to effective compliance management

Compliance is complicated and expensive to manage – often made more so by the very tools and processes intended to get the job done. 

Many compliance teams struggle with clunky, outgrown technology, inefficient processes and significant time can be...

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Financial Services, COVID-19

COVID-19 - is your business managing the work from home risks?

It’s now over a month since the UK went into lockdown and businesses and employees alike, are eagerly awaiting news of a timeframe for the relaxation of social distancing rules, that will allow the financial services sector to open its doors again.


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Financial Services, COVID-19

COVID-19 – why its impact on financial services spreads far and wide

As the UK continues to be gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of cases - and death toll - rise, it may now appear that what happens to the financial services sector is relatively inconsequential. 

The reality though, is that a resilient...

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Risk Management, Financial Services, AI, Identity Fraud

‘Deepfakes’ – an increasing risk for financial services

Combine ‘deep’ from deep learning with ‘fake’ and you have ‘deepfake’ - a method using artificial intelligence to create human images often with a lip-synched voice. The end result can be highly convincing, and the intention is often to spoof a...

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Risk Management, Compliance Management, Financial Services, Operational Resilience

Surviving COVID-19 – the challenge for all businesses starts now

The UK has ‘never in peacetime, faced an economic fight like this one,’ said Chancellor Rishi Sunak, as he announced a package of measures to support businesses as the COVID-19 emergency grips the nation. But will these go far enough and what measures...

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