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Cyber Crime, Fraud, Phishing

COVID-19 – crime escalates as the virus takes hold

As the UK battles the COVID-19 virus, fraudsters are moving in to take advantage of the crisis and the rising numbers suggest there could well be a crime as well as a health pandemic.

UK reporting service, Action Fraud, said since 1 February 2020,...

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Financial Services, Cyber Crime

Pressure mounts for search engines to block online scam advertising

Internet giant Google, along with other search engines and social media providers, are facing growing pressure to stop accepting advertising for fake investments and other financial services. Complaints against Google are being led by Andrew Bailey,...

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Cyber Security, Cyber Crime

Cyber security – progress is no reason for complacency

It’s notable that hackers have had a reduced presence in the headlines of late and it finally appears that efforts to curb their activities via improved security solutions and better collaboration are paying off.

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Financial Crime, Cyber Crime

College for card fraud – how fraudsters learn on the dark web

Online ‘classes’ in how to commit card fraud are available on the dark web, making it easier for novices to find ways of committing financial crime.

Online tutorials were exposed by UK-based Featurespace, a provider of behavioural analytics...

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Data Protection, Cyber Crime

Cryptocurrency moves under the regulatory spotlight

From a regulatory perspective, the cryptocurrency sector, known as the wild west of finance, is poised to be tamed with many operating within the sector strongly in favour of more compliance as they seek to kick-start the market again.

Investors have...

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Data Protection, GDPR, Cyber Crime

GDPR may lead to payment of more cyber ransoms

Whilst many believe prevention of security breaches provide the best course of action there are still no guarantees that organisations aren't still vulnerable to  ransomware attacks even if they do have a high level of security. 

The arrival of...

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