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FCA, Company Culture, COVID-19

Homeworking threatens corporate culture warns FCA

Working practices are now very different following the lockdown on 23 March, enforced to reduce the number of COVID-19 infections. A largely remote workforce is now common within many firms, but this may produce unwanted side-effects and so the...

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COVID-19, Fraud

Cunning COVID-19 scammers switch tactics as fraud epidemic continues

Scammers continue to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, using different models and increasingly sophisticated tactics, creating challenges in both fraud detection and prevention. Now is the time to ensure the public stays informed and alert, not...

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Financial Services, COVID-19

Will firms face a mental health crisis as the COVID-19 lockdown ends?

Research shows many businesses, including those in financial services, must prepare themselves to support growing numbers of employees with mental health problems, which may have begun or worsened because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although attitudes...

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Financial Services, COVID-19

How will financial services manage the return to work?

From May 11, a growing number of workers began returning to workplaces as the government seeks to get the UK’s economy on what will undoubtedly be a bumpy road to recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. Although financial services has not been as...

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FCA, Financial Services, Insurance, COVID-19

Insurers in the dock as FCA takes High Court action over BI cover and COVID-19

A High Court action being taken by the Financial Conduct Authority and due in July, should provide up to a million businesses with much needed clarity as to whether their business interruption (BI) claim resulting from the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown will...

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7 strategies for managing HR risk amid the Coronavirus crisis

Organisations have made dozens of changes to HR policies in response to the fast-moving coronavirus crisis. Initial concerns about work-from-home directives and restrictions on travel have given way to simply keeping employees safe and the company...

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