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The FCA’s business plan – learning from its key messages

Last month, the FCA produced its business plan for 2019-20, setting out key priorities and activities for the year ahead. There were plenty of nuggets to help firms  improve their risk profiles as well as a raft of insight into regulatory strategy.


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5 challenges for risk managers in 2019

With the UK facing unprecedented political uncertainty and economic volatility, risk managers are under an increasing amount of pressure to mitigate the impact of external forces on their organisations.

Below we consider 5 of the key challenges that...

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Money Laundering A Rising Concern For Risk Managers

Home Office figures show there has been a rise of 12% from overseas governments and regulatory authorities questioning money-laundering activities.

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Brexit – Keep Calm and Manage the Change

Pre-referendum, many voices within the UK financial services industry called for a remain vote, believing access to the single market and being part of Europe would result in a more stable future. But, let the hand-wringing stop…the UK voted out and...

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Preparing for Brexit: How can Financial Services companies understand the risks and opportunities to create better business decisions?

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit is about all we seem to hear in the news at the moment. The uncertainty of not knowing how this will end in 2 years is evidently reflected in initial market volatility, which is absorbing much of the current attention, together...

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