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Financial Services, Brexit

Financial services post-Brexit – can the UK and EU reach agreement?

The UK’s battle to contain COVID-19 has detracted from the many uncertainties surrounding Brexit, but in recent weeks, a growing number of reports have focused on the growing likelihood of a potentially damaging ‘no deal’ exit. So, can this be avoided...

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Brexit, Secret Diary of a Risk Manager

Secret Diary of a Risk Manager: Entry 1 - The Br-existential crisis

With the ongoing chaos in the British political system and the never ending public discourse about Brexit everything came to a head this week. 

‘We need to meet to discuss Brexit Risk as soon as possible” came the message from Sarah, the Chair of the...

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Risk Management, Brexit

Why too many businesses are unprepared for a no deal Brexit

Recent research has found that two-fifths of UK businesses – primarily SMEs – are unprepared to cope in the event of a no deal Brexit. The survey, from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), found that two-fifths (41%) of all businesses had not...

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FCA, Regulation, Brexit

The FCA’s business plan – learning from its key messages

Last month, the FCA produced its business plan for 2019-20, setting out key priorities and activities for the year ahead. There were plenty of nuggets to help firms  improve their risk profiles as well as a raft of insight into regulatory strategy.


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Brexit, Cyber Crime, AI, SM&CR

5 challenges for risk managers in 2019

With the UK facing unprecedented political uncertainty and economic volatility, risk managers are under an increasing amount of pressure to mitigate the impact of external forces on their organisations.

Below we consider 5 of the key challenges that...

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Risk Management, FCA, Brexit, Money Laundering

Money Laundering A Rising Concern For Risk Managers

Home Office figures show there has been a rise of 12% from overseas governments and regulatory authorities questioning money-laundering activities.

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