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Risk Management, Financial Services, AI, Identity Fraud

‘Deepfakes’ – an increasing risk for financial services

Combine ‘deep’ from deep learning with ‘fake’ and you have ‘deepfake’ - a method using artificial intelligence to create human images often with a lip-synched voice. The end result can be highly convincing, and the intention is often to spoof a...

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Insurance, AI

AI and insurance – powering ahead

It's an exciting time within the insurance sector at the moment, as artificial intelligence is increasingly making its presence felt.

However, there are still, some challenges ahead in terms of how insurers look to utilise AI, as well as its potential...

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Brexit, Cyber Crime, AI, SM&CR

5 challenges for risk managers in 2019

With the UK facing unprecedented political uncertainty and economic volatility, risk managers are under an increasing amount of pressure to mitigate the impact of external forces on their organisations.

Below we consider 5 of the key challenges that...

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