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Topics: UK Senior Managers Regime, Compliance

Senior managers face scrutiny as SM&CR sweeps in

The clock is ticking as many prepare for the FCA’s Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR), which is poised to be hugely influential in terms of its impact on firms’ culture and operations.

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Topics: incident management, Behavioural Risk

Workplace bullying – why CEOs need their risk managers

Following the much-publicised troubles at taxi app Uber, workplace bullying is again in the spotlight. At Uber, 20 staff were dismissed with dozens more disciplined and other complaints are still under investigation following accusations of...

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Companies struggle to fill Risk Manager roles

A growing number of recruitment consultants report they are struggling to fill risk management and compliance roles in financial services.

Those already in the field may have noticed positions are taking longer than usual to be filled. There are...

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Topics: compliance management, Criminal Finances Bill, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion

The new Criminal Finances Bill – what it means for risk managers

Risk managers should keep their antenna up for the forthcoming Criminal Finances Bill, which could well pose some compliance challenges.

The bill received Royal Assent on 27 April, so we know it will come into force in the coming months and a number...

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Topics: Risk Management, incident management, Behavioural Risk, Risk culture

The Wells Fargo farrago is a cautionary tale..

Taking corporate responsibility is hard - sometimes it’s much easier to pin difficulties on a scapegoat. Simply get rid of them and all will be well again. But, how often do problems in a major institution stem from just one bad guy or girl?


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Topics: Future for risk management

Luddites beware, automated financial advice will have its place

General insurance brokers and independent financial advisers are among those who may well be feeling under siege as various financial institutions prepare to launch automated advice solutions.

Middlemen have long been threatened by direct providers...

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Topics: FCA, compliance management, regulatory risk

Don’t expect the FCA to be a soft touch in 2017

The end of last year revealed that fines from the Financial Conduct Authority had dropped to their lowest level since the financial crisis - so much for all the hype about the regulator having teeth and not being afraid to bare them, some might argue.

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Topics: Risk Management, incident management, social engineering risk, fraud

Social engineering fraud a hot topic for risk managers

Impersonation for financial gain is nothing new, but companies of every description now face increasingly sophisticated fraudsters who are taking the crime to a whole new level. No wonder for risk managers that social engineering fraud is a hot topic.

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Topics: Risk Management, incident management, business decisions, Behavioural Risk, Risk culture

Is Business Culture a Risk Management Issue?

The behaviour of senior Bankers is in the news again this week. A BBC Panorama programme played secret recordings potentially implicating the Bank of England and others in Libor rate scandal.  

The programme suggests that this recording brings into...

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