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MiFID II – The Solution Is In The Cloud

On 3 January 2018, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive comes into force, bringing in tougher regulations and in particular a far more rigorous approach to call recording and customer protection.

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Topics: Cyber security

Cyber attack risk – Bad Rabbit on the rampage

Watch out. A rampaging variant of malware known as Bad Rabbit is potentially threatening the UK. But what is this latest cyber attack risk and how can businesses ensure they avoid becoming one of its victims?

Bad Rabbit follows hot on the heels of...

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Topics: Data Security

Financial data breaches – a growing risk management issue

It may surprise some that the financial services sector remains in the firing line when it comes to data breaches. Surely most firms do take risk management seriously and give security the highest priority.

Yet, according to the Information...

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Topics: FCA, AML

FCA steps up AML requirements for risk managers

The UK is poised to become an even less welcoming place for those intent on money laundering and one of the FCA’s avowed top priorities is stopping any illicit flows of cash.

So the regulator is focused on visits, following up on tip-offs and has...

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Topics: FCA

FCA Rules - A New Age Of Prohibition?

Recently, ex-trader Tom Hayes appeared in court via video-link from Lowdham Grange jail, where he is incarcerated for rigging LIBOR. His aim is to overturn a lifetime ban from working in financial services. This was imposed by the FCA and known as a...

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Managing Cyber Risk

Hot on the heels of the WannaCry attack comes Petya, a new strain of ransomware that is wreaking havoc around the world, through locking down systems and denying access to data. Among the many businesses it has affected are advertising agency WPP,...

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Save You Time and Money

Picture a world of intelligent machines, learning and adapting to their environment based on the data they have available to them. Open their access to the Internet and all the data that lies within and soon you’ll find yourself in the dystopia of the...

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Topics: Future for risk management

Risk Management Careers – A Pathway To The Board?

Risk managers should be seen as highly valued and trusted advisers to their boards however this is not always the case. Securing the necessary buy-in and engagement from board members is an on-going challenge.

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Internal Fraud Prevention – When Employees Turn Rogue

Internal fraud is a very real risk, but it can be a difficult one to manage. Many firms may be far more focused on external fraud and allow employees considerable responsibility to get on with their roles. Indeed, no one wants to work with someone...

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