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Financial Services, Cyber Crime

Pressure mounts for search engines to block online scam advertising

Internet giant Google, along with other search engines and social media providers, are facing growing pressure to stop accepting advertising for fake investments and other financial services. Complaints against Google are being led by Andrew Bailey,...

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Risk Management, Financial Services, Business Continuity Risk

Call to risk managers to help control coronavirus

Fear and uncertainty have arrived in the UK, with the first cases of the coronavirus being diagnosed and the government’s announcement that the disease is “a serious and imminent threat to public health”. To date, there are eight cases in this...

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Risk Management

Shortage of Chief Risk Officers threatens business resilience

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) has reported that there is a shortage of candidates for senior level positions within risk management and has urged organisations to ensure that their professional development schemes and succession plans are set...

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FCA, Financial Services, Bank of England

Regulators focus on future with new ‘data driven’ strategy

Data is not called the ‘new oil’ for nothing – for business, it’s a hugely valuable commodity, creating insights, allowing analytics and boosting competitiveness. And now, it seems, regulators are also getting in on the act. The Financial Conduct...

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Financial Services, Cyber Security

Cost and consequences of Travelex hack could run and run

On New Year’s Eve, foreign exchange provider Travelex was hit by a devastating ransomware attack, which weeks later is far from resolved. There is no doubt, however, that the repercussions will continue for many months, and may incur high costs for...

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Audit Management, Secret Diary of a Risk Manager

Secret Diary of a Risk Manager: Entry 10 - Does Agile have to be fragile? (Part 2)

I spent the weekend mulling over how best to smooth things out between Bruce and Matt, and just knew that the usual peace offering of coffee and chocolate biscuits wasn’t going to cover it. The meeting had been arranged for Tuesday afternoon and Matt...

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