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Identity Fraud: A Synthetic Crime Epidemic

Stories of rising levels of synthetic identity fraud have been emanating from the US, but now it seems, this crime could well become a major problem over here. So, what is it and how can it be combated?

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Customer Complaints: Nowhere To Hide For Insurers

The latest figures from the Financial Ombudsman reveal both the names of the insurers who receive the fewest complaints and those that receive the most. The data makes important reading for all in the sector; since getting things wrong becomes common...

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FCA News - Debt Management Sector Spotlight

There are more than eight million people in the UK who have problem debts according to the Money Advice Service and with a new year recently underway; it can be a particularly difficult time following any Christmas excesses. 

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FCA Cracks Down on Binary Options Operators

On 3 January 2018, binary options came under the auspices of the Financial Conduct Authority as a regulated investment product, but there are some who believe the sector should be banned entirely.

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Carillion: Key lessons for project risk managers?

With debts of over £900M, and reportedly just £29m in the bank Carillion, the UK’s second largest construction company were unceremoniously placed into liquidation on January 16th with lenders refusing to provide any more financial support. This won’t...

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Why 2018 could be the worst ever year for financial criminals

There are those who see government as a soft touch when it comes to financial crime. Judging by recent moves however, it certainly seems determined to dispel such accusations, which means the year ahead could be a particularly unwelcoming one for...

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Millennial Customer Marketing – Rewards and Risks

Millennials, also dubbed Generation Y, total around 14.6 million in the UK. For financial services providers, that is a lot of potential customers, indeed they are poised to become their largest and most influential customer group.

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Cyber Security Breach News - Equifax

The Financial Conduct Authority has recently announced it is investigating the circumstances surrounding the loss of UK customers’ data by credit referencing company, Equifax, who hit the news following a major cyber security breach. 

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Enterprise-Wide Encryption Should Remain The Business Goal

Knowing data is secure through encryption is critically important for many businesses, whether this is to protect customer details, payments or other sensitive information. Indeed, analyst Gartner recently said enterprise-wide encryption should be...

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