Incident Management

Dealing with incidents can be a cumbersome, complex and timely process, especially if your organisation is dealing with large numbers of different types of incidents every day.

Xactium provides a central platform to help businesses to collect, manage and report on all incident data effectively and efficiently. Enabling risk teams to generate powerful management information that will influence key business decisions.

Make it easy for anyone to report an Incident

Incidents are happening all around us and every one of them has the potential to impact your business. Even with an effective risk management framework in place,  it's still easy for incidents to slip under the radar all too often

The Xactium Incident Hub within Xactium Risk is designed to be easily accessed and used by your entire organisation including your 1st line to ensure transparency when it comes to reporting on incidents.

  • Encourage staff engagement with the user friendly online portal 
  • Customise your form so that it is relevant to your business and provides just the information you need.
  • Generate reports that are relevant and insightful. 
  • Eliminate the risk of emails getting lost in the wrong inbox.
  • Improves incident visibility and encourages prompt and appropriate action. 

Automated Processes

  • Set up a workflow for incidents to save time and reduce administration effort.
  • Prevent actions from becoming dormant by triggering automated notifications and reminders throughout the incident lifecycle, to the right people.
Incident Data

Improve the quality of your Incident Data 

  • Capture valuable information about an incident’s impact on key areas.  
  • Generate powerful reports on high impact areas at the click of a button.

Mitigate future Risk Events

  • Assign actions to help reduce the likelihood of similar incidents occurring in future.
  • Link the action to the incident to create a clear audit trail in the system. 
  • Make it easy for action owners to manage and track their actions.


Powerful incident reporting

  • Benefit from a visual overview of incident status in real-time. 
  • Make it easier to identify areas requiring attention.
  • Customise the dashboard to display the reports that are most important to you.
  • Drill down to review the report detail in full.