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Xactium is a leading provider of modern, cloud-based Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions offering a platform that allows you to manage and track an array of GRC activities across your organisation.

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Capture, assess and report on all incidents with the help of an online incident portal.

Capture, assess and report on all incidents with the help of an online incident portal.

Capture, assess and report on all incidents with the help of an online incident portal.

Our Integrated Product Suite

The Xactium GRC product suite is designed with flexibility in mind. Each system can be implemented on its own, or together as part of fully fledged Governance Risk & Compliance solution. You can always choose to start with one of our solutions and add more when you are ready.

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Improve collaboration between your Risk, Compliance and Audit teams

In an ever changing business environment, the need for systems to be connected with one another and work in synergy is becoming more and more essential to sustain future growth and agility.

The Xactium GRC system enables you to connect together your Risk, Compliance and Audit data, activities and processes, which in turn enables you to obtain a single verison of the truth for your organisation, leading to enhanced business intelligence, less chaos, contradiction and confusion and better overall decision making at every level.

Business Intelligence

Smarter Business Intelligence


Scalable with your organisation



Improved team work and collaboration


Save Time and Resources3

Free up time and resources

Visibility of GRC

Total visibility across Risk, Audit and Compliance 


Secure on the cloud

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Trusted by more than 50+ industry leading companies

Xactium Risk, Audit and Compliance solutions are trusted by more than 50+ organisations operating in a variety of different industry sectors including financial services, banking, construction, infrastructure and healthcare to name a few.


Free up time and resources for your organisation

The Xactium GRC software solution allows you to align your staff and resources around one single version of the truth, helping to remove barriers and bridge the gap between different parts of your organisation. 

Utilising the full governance, risk and compliance suite ensures not only that your business is running as effectively as possibly but also that a significant amount of time is saved through automation.


Designed with flexibility in mind

Xactium remains one of the most flexible and scalable solutions on the market today offering applications that are constantly being updated with new features to assist your risk, audit and compliance teams.

We understand that businesses may not have the scope or budget to spend on a fully integrated GRC system from day one. Therefore our solution is designed so that you can essentially pick and choose the products you want based on your own business requirements and simply implement others at a later stage when you're in a position to do so. 

We often recommend this to anyone new to GRC or risk, compliance and audit software applications.

Xactium Customer Community

Be part of our growing community

When you work with Xactium, you'll receive full training and support to help get you up to speed in using your governance, risk and compliance software.

Alongside this you'll also become part of our customer community. Through this you'll be able to attend our regular events, and user forums designed for risk, audit and compliance professionals to share your experiences, feedback and ideas with others and have your say on Xactium product developments.

As well you'll also be given access to our  online customer community portal, a place for your users to access training guides, video and other content to help ensure everyone in your organisation feels confident in using the system.

Find out more about the Xactium Customer Community



Secure on the cloud

Making sure your data is safe and secure is something that keeps senior execs up at night.

All Xactium applications are built on Salesforce®, a cloud-based platform trusted by more than 150,000 companies worldwide and protected by encryption. 

Integrate your GRC solution with other areas of your business

As all our products feature on the Salesforce® platform, you can integrate our systems with the apps your business uses every day. 

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