Xactium Events

Xactium events provide you with a platform to learn, grow and develop your risk management operations with other industry professionals.

View Highlights From Xactium's 2017 Annual Conference

Hear What Others Have To Say...

  • "Really valuable from point of view of info provided - I don't know what I don't know so even after 3 years I learned somethings which I didn't know to even ask about"

    Melanie Fletcher, CPP (Xactium Breakfast Briefing)

  • "A valuable networking event and a great opportunity to step away from my desk and think more strategically about how to take Risk Management forward"

    Joanna Jefferson, Equiniti (2016 Annual Xactium Conference)

  • “An excellent mix of expert led presentation of the subject & peer debate & discussion”

    Adrian Bond, Capita Asset Services (Risk Assessment Breakfast Briefing)

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    "The Xactium staff were very knowledgeable and explained the system very well. It was useful to see the risk management tool's capabilities and I know it would be an extremely helpful addition to our business"

    Michael Chambers, Equiniti (Conga Reporting Workshop)

Frequently Asked Questions

Xactium runs a variety of events throughout the year targeting our different sectors, customers and their needs
To tell help you decide which events are best suited for you, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Do you run events specific to the Project Sector?


Is the Annual Conference open to non Xactium users?

The conference is open to both current Xactium users and non-users, this allows non-users to gain insights from current users themselves and opens the forum to a wider network of risk management professionals in the industry.

Is there a cost to attend Xactium events?

Xactium only charges for full-day training courses. All other events are free to attend.

Who do I contact should I have any specific event queries?

Contact marketing@xactium.com where a member from our team will be happy to assist you.