Xactium are committed to embedding and maintaining a business model that offers significant environmental benefit.

We understand that we play an influential role in protecting our immediate and wider environments and strive to be as efficient as possible in our everyday operations.

Xactium are committed to using the most environmentally friendly technology and limiting our consumption of natural resources, wherever possible.
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Cloud Computing

As a cloud computing company, Xactium are able to offer significant environmental benefit by minimising technological infrastructure and increasing resource efficiency both internally and for our customers.


Figures from our strategic partner Salesforce, illustrate that the cloud computing model is up to 95% more carbon efficient on average than traditional on-premises hardware and software.

Salesforce, who were awarded Corporate Clean Energy Leaders in 2016, are committing to achieving 100% sustainable power by joining RE100.  This group of influential businesses is working to increase corporate demand for renewable energy.

This commitment inspires us to ensure that we too, are working towards this goal in everything we do.

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Latest Technologies

Xactium actively seek opportunities to use the latest technologies in order to reduce carbon emissions and consumption of natural or manufactured resources, like paper and electricity.