Enterprise Risk Management System

Xactium Risk is the world’s first intelligent enterprise risk management solution with embedded AI and advanced analytics capabilities.

The system is designed to help risk professionals to drive process efficiencies, reduce costs to the business and improve overall reporting to senior stakeholders.


  • A modern user-friendly interface enabling users to quickly learn the system and increasing productivity. Encouraging successful adoption of a new risk system organisation-wide
  • Enabling all employees from casual users to experts to easily engage and collaborate around risk via inbuilt social communication tools
  • A flexible operational risk system that can be configured to meet your organisation’s requirements without the need for costly bespoke amendments
  • Built on one of the world’s most scalable cloud platforms, Xactium will grow with your organisation without any impact on performance


  • The world’s first intelligent enterprise risk system, using embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) to radically improve process efficiency
  • In-built workflow automation helps to streamline processes and significantly reduce time spent on time consuming follow up and administration tasks
  • Risk template functionality encourages consistent usage of risks across your organisation
  • Easy integration with a variety of third party applications and other risk management tools



& Insightful

  • Intelligent Analytics built on the latest AI technology that transforms oversight and risk insight across the system
  • A central repository for all your risk data providing one version of the truth
  • Flexible reporting and data sharing for real-time visibility of key risk information and trends
  • Integrated risk metric tool for centralised and systematic monitoring of KRIs, KPIs and KCIs


Informative and Insightful

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The Future of Risk Management

Xactium is one of the most flexible and adaptable enterprise risk management systems available today and is recognised as representing the future of risk management applications.

This brochure provides a detailed overview of the key features and capabilities of our risk system.

A cloud-based solution

Xactium Risk is built on the world leading Salesforce platform, a cloud-based provider trusted by more than 150,000 companies.
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Our Risk Implementation Approach

Implementation of Xactium Risk is designed to be as easy and straight-forward as possible, with two distinct approaches available based on your organisation's requirements.
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Risk Implementation Brochure

Key Features

Xactium Risk provides a secure, central platform on which to successfully manage every aspect of your risk management process.
The following key features of the Xactium system have been designed to save you time and provide you with the tools you need to raise the profile of risk across your organisation.
Risk Reporting and Advanced Analytics
Generate a wide variety of risk reports and access a suite of interactive analytics dashboards, providing advanced insights into your risk data.
Embedded AI
Embedded AI
Improve the efficiency of day-to-day tasks using XAI, an in-built AI tool that learns from user interactions.
Organisational Hierarchy
Organisational Hierarchy
Create clear lines of reporting and aggregation.
Risk and Control Creation
Create a library of risk and controls using intuitive and customisable forms and assign ownership.
Risk Libraries
Create risk and control templates to be used again and again and encourage consistency usage.
Risk Assessment
Assess risks and controls for their design and performance using an intuitive assessment wizard.
Risk Mitigation
Link controls to risks and assign mitigation actions. Easily compare your residual risk position to the current status of your mitigating controls and actions.
Control Testing
Automate the periodic testing of key controls to ensure they are working effectively and gather and approve evidence of control effectiveness.
Risk Measurement
Track multiple KRIs, KCIs and KPIs using an in-built metric tool.
Risk Appetite
Measure risk appetite using KRIs and target risk thresholds.
Create surveys for collecting feedback and data and generate reports that can be shared directly from the system.
Automated Processes
Automated Processes
Trigger workflows on any event to notify action owners and send reminders and escalations.
User Profiles and Security
Control visibility and sharing rules to ensure maximum security.
Incident Management
Incident Management
Capture, assess and report on all incidents with the help of an online incident portal.

Our Customers

We have implemented Xactium Risk into a wide range of organisations within the financial services sector including banks and building societies, debt management, insurance and investment management companies. Our software is also trusted and used by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) itself as a risk management solution. Have a look at just some of our customer stories below.