Why Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)?

If your organisation ‘silos’ risk management – with different systems for insurance risk, operations risk, credit risk and so on – your activities can be fragmented, your focus narrow. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can offer a better way.

One Integrated System

With ERM, you can manage every kind of risk with an integrated, strategic and organisation-wide system. Your risk management activities are coordinated and evaluated at senior management level. Employees at every level can have the tools to make risk management an integral, ongoing part of their jobs.

Achieve Strategic Objectives

ERM enables your organisation to consider the interactive effects of various risk events at a strategic level. You can achieve strategic objectives and preserve value, all within the risk appetite of the Board.

The benefits of ERM

There are many more benefits to an ERM approach, including:

Proactive Risk Management

When you’re proactive and not reactive you achieve greater success, have fewer setbacks, and your operations and controls are more effective.

Structured Approach 

ERM helps you manage the associated risks more efficiently, so you’re more in control. Giving you a more effective, structured approach to opportunities and threats. 

Comply with Regulations

ERM can help you improve health and safety, crisis management and more. This will give you better compliance with regulations and other requirements. 

Improved Stakeholder Trust

Your stakeholders will have more confidence in your organization.

Better Corporate Governance

You’ll improve your understanding of risks, risk control and the general resilience and robustness of your organisation.

Improve Employee Morale

You'll improve This in turn leads to increased employee morale