Maitland, a provider of multi-jurisdictional legal, tax, fiduciary, investment and fund administration services, were using Excel spreadsheets to manage risk after an unsuccessful implementation of a risk solution.Maitland-case-study

Struggling to keep track of their risk and incident data, and with the company experiencing substantial growth, Maitland were looking to improve the ease of reporting from a system where workflows could be used for tracking activities and monitoring data.

Maitland chose Xactium Risk Manager for risk and incident management.

Learn how Maitland has been able to:

  • Ensure data integrity when sharing risk and incident data across their organization.

  • Fully track and monitor the status of risks and incidents, including risk assessments and mitigating actions.

  • Enable all Maitland users around the world to access the system and log incidents on a custom-built portal.

  • Easily extract and interrogate data by specific Business Unit or country.

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