Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a difference to those around us

Andy Evans


"Making a difference to our own community and supporting equal opportunities have always been core values in our business"
Andy Evans, Managing Director - Xactium


Xactium has an ongoing commitment to help and support the communities we operate in, bettering our environment with best practise methods implemented in our workplace, and investing in our people, helping them to grow and develop. 


Pledge 1%

A Proud Member of Pledge 1%

Xactium is now a proud to be a member of the Pledge 1% group.

This growing global movement is inspiring companies of all sizes to integrate 'giving' into the DNA of their business. Over 1,500 companies across 40 countries are now a part of the Pledge 1% movement.

As a Pledge 1% member, Xactium has committed to contributing one or more of the following: 1% of profit, equity, product or time to making a difference to our local community. 

As part of this commitment we have set up the Xactium Fund providing small grants to clubs and societies which support adults and children with learning difficulties within the South Yorkshire region.


Our work with Special Olympics Sheffield

Being a Sheffield based company we work tirelessly to raise money for Special Olympics Sheffield - an organisation that's been around for more than 50 years and who's main goal is to ensure that adults and children with intellectual disabilities still have the same opportunity to participate in sports training and athletic competitions. 

Make sure to take a look at some of our featured stories below...

Greg Silvester Xactium Conference

Greg Silvester's Special Olympics Speech at the 2019 Xactium Conference

Greg gave an empowering speech at the 2019 Xactium annual conference about his experiences working with the Special Olympics, both as an athlete and an ambassador. His story demonstrates just how one can overcome adversity in life and still achieve so much.

Watch his amazing speech here


Our colleague Matt and his London Marathon effort.

Over the last several months our colleague Matt has been training for the Virgin Money London Marathon, taking place this year on April 28th.

His reasons for running in this years marathon were two-fold. First, to try and improve his fitness levels...



Xactium Celebrates A Week At Special Olympics Great Britain

It’s finally here, Special Olympics Great Britain is underway in Sheffield and the Xactium team is in full olympic spirit!



SOGB final amount raise xactium-638628-edited

Xactium Raises Over £11,000 For Special Olympics Great Britain 2017

Over 2016/2017, Xactium has committed to sponsoring Special Olympics Great Britain by hosting and taking part in a range of fundraising activities ahead of the games, which are taking place across a number of sporting venues in Sheffield between 7-11...


Our Environmental Commitment

We are conscious of our environment and our impact upon it
and we
strive to reduce any negative impacts that our business and
operational practices has on the environment. 

Many of the things we therefore do within our organisation
everyday is designed to have an environmental benefit.


Clean on the cloud

Xactium applications are built and maintained through the Salesforce platform, one of the largest CRM providers globally.

Through this, we benefit from working on a carbon neutral cloud, which allows us to emit  95% less carbon emissions than companies that have onsite servers.

Salesforce is also committed to reaching 100 percent renewable energy by 2022 ensuring that the carbon emissions that would be produced by itself and its customers are zero.

Operational considerations

We actively strive to carry out the following efficiency measures in our everyday operations for environmental benefits:


Switch off lights, computers, printers and all other appliances when not in use to save energy. 


Provide recycling facilities for paper, cardboard, cans, plastics and printer toners.


Encourage employees to use our compost bin for kitchen waste, as well as paper and cardboard to reduce carbon emissions.


Operate a cycle to work scheme to reduce pollution on the road. 


Reduce business travel wherever possible by hosting online meetings, utilising telephone conferencing, webinars and Skype.


Where business travel is necessary, staff use public transport such as direct trains, buses and flights to reduce carbon footprints.


Purchase fairly traded and sourced supplies from ethical, diverse and local suppliers as much as possible.


Eliminate aerosols and harmful cleaning products from our workplace.


Reduce office paper consumption by favouring online file storage.

Our Employee Commitment

Xactium is privileged to employ highly skilled and experienced people.

The performance of our employees is integral to the success of our company and therefore we always want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of working for us and are motivated to succeed day to day. 

As an employer, Xactium actively strives to...

    • Increase the diversity of our employees in our recruitment practices. 
    • Investigate employee satisfaction on a regular basis through channels like pulse surveys. This information helps us to continually change and improve in our commitment to make Xactium a great place to work.
    • Continually improve our strategic and operational processes.
    • Regularly promote team building activities, group sports and social events to foster strong working relationships.
  • Promote fundraising activities for local and national charities.

Developing our employees

Xactium is committed to the personal advancement of our employees and recognises that we can offer educational value to them in the following ways: 

  • Motivate our employees to develop and succeed through individual appraisal performance reviews.
  • For new ideas and suggestions to be listened to in all parts of the business
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and skills sharing in a collaborative team environment

Promoting health and well-being

Xactium understands that establishing a good work life balance can be challenging for employees, therefore we have implemented a supportive framework to help in the following ways:

  • Have a variety of flexible working principles and practices. 
  • Encouraging employees to adopt healthy lifestyles e.g. offering group sports activities  participation in fun runs (e.g. Great Yorkshire Run).
  • Providing a range of drinks treats and healthy snacks, including a twice weekly fruit bowl.

Social awareness and citizenship

Xactium pledge to be socially responsible and where possible get the business involved in supporting local communities and projects.

We are always encouraging staff to volunteer and give back to those around us and in doing so, share specialist knowledge or skills that we have. Employees have for instance volunteered at the not for profit Moss Valley organic market garden.

Colleagues, family and friends of Xactium have also volunteered at Special Olympics Events before including the National Summer games held in Sheffield, in 2017.