User-Group2Our workshops are designed to give you an opportunity to learn more about our Xactium product suite. The sessions themselves are ideal for both existing customers as well as those who are new to Xactium and would like to learn more about our Risk, Audit and Compliance applications.

Conference attendees can choose up to two sessions to attend, the first group of sessions will start after lunch and will run for 45-50 minutes. The second sessions will commence following these, so make note beforehand of which ones you would like to attend.


Lightning Tips and Tricks

Session Coordinator: Claire Hopper
This session is here to provide some helpful tips and tricks around using Xactium on the Salesforce Lightning platform, to help improve process efficiency and get the most out of your product.

Xactium SMCR

Session Coordinator: Andy Evans & Laura Newby

In this workshop we showcase our latest Xactium Compliance product.

Xactium has also extended its cloud-based compliance application to include full support for the end to end SMCR process. This includes being able to capture all the relevant functions and responsibilities which apply across the organisation. Find out how our application can meet the new regulations under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime.

XAI - The Xactium AI Engine

Session Coordinator: Sam Morgan

This session will include a demonstration of the Xactium AI suggestions tool, XAI, which is integrated into the Xactium product suite, to assist with day to day risk management tasks.

Xactium Project - Monte Carlo

Session Coordinator: Tim Hess & Josh Windsor

Monte Carlo simulation, or probability simulation is a common numerical method used by project risk managers across a variety of industries to understand the impact of risk and uncertainty in prediction and forecasting models.

In this session we discuss how the use of Xactium and Monte Carlo as part of your project risk management process can provide a number of benefits and competitive advantages to your business.

Xactium Reporting Tips & Tricks

Session Coordinator: Claire Hopper
Claire provides you with some tips and tricks on how to efficiently build custom reports within the Xactium system.

Xactium Audit

Session Coordinator: Andy Evans & Laura Newby

Xactium Audit provides internal auditors with a modern and intuitive platform on which to manage tasks across every stage of a typical internal audit process including the creation of an Audit Universe, Audit Planning, Fieldwork, Review & Findings and Reporting.

Andy and Laura run through our latest release of our product including the highly anticipated resource planning tool. 



Session Coordinator: Ben Webster

Ben discusses the ways in which Xactium can help risk managers provide useful and modern analytics and insights to risk owners to help create more informed decision making.

Operational Resilience

Session Coordinator: John Shelton

Operational Resilience is becoming a more recognised framework in the world of Risk, Audit and Compliance management. 

John Shelton discusses what we are doing within the Xactium software to meet impending guidelines. 

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