Xactium Compliance is an additional platform that fully integrates with the Xactium product suite.  It enables organisations to effectively manage all internal Compliance related activity.


Providing organisations with a flexible and intuitive system in which to store and consolidate all compliance related information.  


Helping organisations to stay abreast of breaches and act upon them efficiently and effectively to mitigate further incidents.

  • Manage and track multiple compliance programmes with
    the help of
    testing functionality and test cycle automation

  • Centrally track and report on all breaches and incidents,
    with the help of an easy-to-use online incident portal
    accessible to all employees

  • Central store and track relevant policy documentation and
    share with groups and individuals simply and effectively
  • Set up training courses or modules and invite groups or
    individuals to attend.  
    Giving you the opportunity to track and
    report on attendance data from a central location.

  • Log and monitor all personal compliance related activity,
    including training attendance and gift and entertainment involvement

  • Capture and track updates to regulations relevant to you business

  • Generate reports on all compliance activity at the click of a button
Download the Xactium Compliance Brochure

Effective Compliance Management. Reduced Incidents. Reduced Costs to the Business.

Xactium Compliance provides organisations with the following key benefits:


Easy for all employees to navigate and update the system as required or to simply look up the information they need.


Adapt the system to suit your organisation’s specific compliance processes and requirements.  The system is built using flexible components meaning that it is easy to move them around to create your own personal user interface.


Accurate, real-time reporting on all compliance activities, enabling you to clearly communicate relevant up-to-date information to senior management, encouraging better business decisions.

Efficiency & Cost-Savings

In-built automated reminder and approval workflows to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and email correspondence. Improved visibility of breaches and incidents will also result in long term cost savings for your business.

Clear Ownership

Every record is assignable to an owner, making roles and responsibilities clear and improving adoption and collaboration across the organisation.

One Version of the Truth 

A central platform containing a consolidated store of real time data.


Risk Identification

Compatibility with the Full Xactium Product Suite

Xactium Compliance is compatible with the full Xactium product suite, providing organisations with a seamless connection across all areas of GRC.   

Having access to the full product suite means that at any one time, a user working in one department has access to real-time information provided by other departments. This improves visibility, encourages close collaboration and ensures all departments are working more consistently.