Xactium Careers

Take the next step in your career

We're always on the lookout for exciting new talent to help us take our business to the next level. Having been in operation since 2007, we're constantly looking to build our internal teams with people who want to develop new skills and help Xactium to progress.

Innovative product development alongside a consultative sales approach is key to our continued success and allows us to maintain our competitive edge, therefore vacancies can often be found within sales, account management as well as within the technical development side of the business as well. 

If you believe you are a creative individual whose ambition is to work at the forefront of new technologies and customised solutions then we'd love to hear from you! 

Make sure to check out our current vacancies below. You can also find out more about Xactium on our about us page


Work in a unique and flexible environment

Our people have technical knowledge, creative drive and enthusiasm - all of which is reflected in an open plan office space where you're encouraged to openly discuss ideas, chat with peers and be inspired by the flexible working environment.


Develop your skills

Xactium invests in the development of its employees and is always looking for individuals who want to learn new skills. 

Gain technical knowledge and experience through exposure to a variety of different projects, tasks and responsibilities. 


Work alongside like minded people! 

Our people are what make Xactium a great place to work. While everyone is hardworking and committed to seeing the company succeed, staff are still able to have fun and enjoy what they do. We always try and arrange social activities both in and outside of the office.

Located in the Heart of Sheffield

Our modern office premises is located in a quiet residential area away from the city centre but still within walking distance from Nether Edge, Sharrow Vale and Ecclesall Road, making it a great spot for those who want to venture out for lunch. 

Situated on both the ground floor and 1st floor, much of the office has been refurbished to create an open and modern space for our staff to not only feel comfortable but above all else, allow them to do their best work!




Employee Quotes

  • “Over the years we have had a number of key values at heart: working as a team, innovation, caring for staff, transparency and honesty, sharing rewards for success and hard work with staff and the community, and having fun. We want to ensure these values continue as the company grows.

    That’s why it’s important to us that we have lots of different ways in which we are able to ensure that the team is up to date with what’s happening and what they can do to make a difference”

    Andy, Managing Director

  • An army marches on its stomach!

    “Food, and more particularly cake, is a big part of how we socialise together at Xactium … the Xactium army definitely marches on its stomach! On Wednesdays someone usually brings in cake to share. It can be homemade or bought, we’re not fussy, although in my view if it’s not made with chocolate then it doesn’t count! To balance out the cake, we also have fruit Mondays. The fruit is provided by Xactium for everyone to help themselves … strangely it doesn’t disappear as quickly as the cake!”


  • Sharing Information

    "As in any business there are meetings that senior leadership need to have to discuss strategic direction and high-level decisions. In most organisations these are generally kept behind closed doors and tend to create a feeling of 'us and them' with the staff that don't attend; often they wonder and gossip about what may or may not have been discussed. At Xactium, the non-confidential minutes are shared with the entire organisation, which makes us all feel 'in the loop', meaning we know what's going on and what's on the minds of the senior leadership team."


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  • A great place for professional development

    "Xactium is extremely supportive of its staff and always listens to new ideas and solutions that people can bring in to the organisation. The open plan office space really emphasises the sense of togetherness and cooperation, ensuring that new starters can hit the ground running."

    Ryan, Marketing Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

“It can often feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack when you’re looking for a new organisation to be part of. How do you know if you’re making the right next move for you? 
If you enjoy working with talented and like-minded people who are passionate about delivering excellence to their customers, if you want to share in the success of a rapidly growing, innovative business and at the same time have some fun … then choosing Xactium will be a great choice for you!
To tell you more we’ve asked a few of the team to share their views on some of the most frequently asked questions.”

Can I influence the way things happen in the business?

"One of the great things about working at Xactium is you feel like you can make a difference and you can shape how you work. We're all encouraged to have our say, suggest ideas for improvement and help each other out. One of our company values is collaboration, and it's really ingrained into our company culture. Team meetings, strategy away days and working groups all underpin this idea that we're all helping to shape the company together"

What made you want to work at Xactium?

“I already had Salesforce experience and very much enjoyed development work using the platform.  Xactium was a good fit because the products are built on the Salesforce platform and I saw the opportunity to develop my Salesforce skills.

I knew the developers at Xactium were of high calibre having worked with some of them in the past.”

Since joining Xactium, what new technical skills have you learned, or how have you improved your existing skills?

Before I joined Xactium I was working for the second-largest India-based IT services company employing nearly 200,000 people.  It was easy to get lost in its huge size and sometimes difficult to get into your chosen project domain.

I joined Xactium after completing my masters at Sheffield Hallam University. Xactium is very small compared to Infosys but excellent in terms of providing state-of-art technology solutions to our clients in Europe.  Your have lots of opportunity for your work gets to be noticed and good exposure to many different aspects of software development, delivery and support including software architecture and design. I have had lots of opportunity to sharpen my skills, especially cloud technology.  Xactium presents scope for improvement in job content and consequently job satisfaction.



Who will I be working with?

 "There are plenty of really dynamic people at Xactium who are really good at communicating with each other to get things done - everyone mucks in. There’s plenty of good humourit could be accused of being slightly odd in places but it’s all good fun! Everyone has a voice here, so if you have a suggestion as to a new way of doing things then it will definitely be heard and we certainly all have the same goal - success for Xactium."