Benefits of a Cloud-Based Platform

Achieve more with the world’s leading enterprise cloud computing platform


Xactium  - A cloud-based solution

Xactium risk, compliance and audit systems are built on, the industry-leading cloud platform from Salesforce®, that is used by millions of users around the world. 

Using ensures that your data is truly secure and is protected at a fraction of the cost of an in-house system whilst also being scalable to your organisation's needs. 

Those working in different industries, such as financial services, are subject to regulatory and governance laws which must be adhered to. This is why Xactium is built in the cloud to ensure that we not only adhere to all compliance standards but go further for your security. 




Get consistent ground-breaking innovation.

Take advantage of developments years ahead of other GRC providers. Automate key activities helping to reduce costs, while also ensuring your firm remains quick to respond to key events with improved accuracy.

Take advantage of new innovations and system developments, such as AI and Analytics, thanks to seasonal updates released by Salesforce and advanced services to help you find the best path for your business.  


Connect on any device

Our cloud-based platform enables users to work from any device. On smartphone, tablet or laptop. In head office, a branch, overseas or working remotely. Your team can always access the information and tools they need securely.

No need to invest in infrastructure

With the Xactium cloud platform, there's no need to invest in IT infrastructure and maintenance. Your team can focus on work and productivity. It’s always available and always up to date.




Get the latest, lightning quick insights

Always have access to the most up-to-date risk data through the powerful and flexible in-built reporting and dashboard tools.

Quickly create and  run reports that make sense of thousands of different records – all in a matter of seconds.

Automate Workflows and Notifications

You set the rules. Your solution automatically does the rest. Your team members always know what to work on next, and when it’s due.



Create intuitive dashboards

Leverage the latest Salesforce analytics capabilities through Einstein Analytics to create rich, interactive BI dashboards or connect to third party tools like Qlikview, Tableau and Power BI.


No code, just clicks

Access market leading configuration capabilities, using clicks not code:

Add fields, change layouts, update permissions, create workflows, reports, dashboards, and configure languages, currencies, labels and tabs. All without any coding required


Take control of user access

Take powerful, flexible control over system security. Assign authorisations by group or individually, so users can only access to the data and features they need to see day to day. 

Users have access to their own work environment within the Xactium system so that they can easily manage all tasks assigned to them.


Integrate with the Salesforce ecosystem

With over 150,000+ companies now using the Salesforce platform, there are integrations available for pretty much every kind of third party application you can think off, including: Single Sign On, Microsoft Office, BI software, Productivity tools and Document Generation.


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