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Annual Conference

Each year, Xactium hosts its Annual Conference - our largest and most popular event of the year.

Open to both current and potential users of Xactium we explore topics relevant to the risk management industry and professionals at the time.

Through presentation, customer interviews and group discussion, the conference is an ideal opportunity for Risk Professionals involved in Financial Services, Government and Infrastructure projects to share ideas and network.

Watch the 2017 Annual Conference Highlights

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Conference Event Programmes

Xactium's Conferences aim to provide both users and non-users of Xactium an in-depth insight into the world of risk management. Covering challenges, changes, new ideas and a platform for like minded professionals to network. 

Each year at our London conference we present a customer panel which provides the audience with first hand information on how other companys have sought, implemented and developed with Xactium in their workplace. Both our conferences provide on-the-day demonstrations and breakout sessions targeting the different sector groups present. 

"A valuable networking event and a great opportunity to step away from my desk and think more strategically about how to take Risk Management forward"
Joanna Jefferson, Group Head of Operational Risk, Equiniti
Will Bayley

Xactium Nordic Conference


Join Xactium on November 15th, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden for the Inaugural Nordic Conference.

This exciting international conference is open to both current users and non-users of Xactium and provides attendees with the opportunity to meet their risk management professionals in their industry. 

View The Highlights from Xactium's 2016 Annual Conference