Our Community

We welcome all of our customers to join the Xactium Community. It’s the place we share our latest news and vision for the future of risk management. And it’s where our valued customers, can share their experiences, feedback and ideas.

We believe sharing ideas leads to better risk and claims management solutions. Customer feedback drives the development of our solutions, helping us to continuously add value. And when customers share their problems and experiences with other Xactium users, brilliant answers often emerge.

Customers can take part in the community through our user conferences, the Xactium Linkedin group, our feature demonstration webinars and our online resources.


Xactium Annual Conference

Xactium's annual conference is the ideal opportunity listen to insights from current Xactium clients, network and discuss current industry trends, challenges and key risk issues, particularly relevant to the financial services.

Speakers at Xactium's Annual Conference are selected for their expertise and knowledge of current risk management industry trends and challenges. When you attend the conference, you can be confident that you are hearing from respected experts in the field. 

  • Attend keynote talks by leading risk management professionals
  • Take part in live expert sessions on problem solving with Xactium solutions
  • Network and share ideas with customers and prospects
  • Pick up new ideas for driving more productivity from your current Xactium solution
  • Learn about new and upcoming features in Xactium Risk solutions

View the 2016 Annual Conference Highlights Here



Xactium User Forum

We’re building a user forum for users and testers to continuously gain ongoing feedback. In doing so, we will be able to tailor our products and services to meet your changing needs and priorities.

By becoming a part of our user group you will have:

  • The opportunity to identify and voice your opinion on product development
  • Access to early beta releases for testing
  • The ability to build your own network of like-minded professionals
  • A forum to exchange thoughts and ideas with other users and Xactium product developers

Register here to read more and join Xactium's User Forum



Demonstration webinars

Xactium solutions are always evolving. We regularly add new features and improve existing ones. So how do you stay up to date? Easily – with our feature demonstration webinars. Watch our webinars to:

  • See the latest features
  • Learn how new features can help your business
  • Find out when new updates will be available to you

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Online resources

Sometimes you just want a quick answer to a quick question, by reading an article or watching a video. We’ve got you covered. Xactium customers can access a wide range of knowledge resources including:

  • Solutions
  • How-to videos
  • Webinars and practical advice videos
  • White papers

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