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 “By embracing new cloud computing technologies, such as Xactium Risk Manager, we’re confident we can focus and strengthen the company’s risk management processes.”

Andy Bastow

Head of International Risk and Compliance at Lockton



Xactium Risk Manager

The Future of Risk Management Software

Xactium Risk Manager is a next-generation cloud-based risk management solution, used by organisations from regulated industries who need to manage project, business unit, enterprise or operational risk.

This completely scalable and customisable risk management solution can easily meet the needs of any business. Whether you’re making your first step away from using office applications, access databases or sharepoint or have the most complex risk management needs.

With thousands of users worldwide, it is one of the fastest growing risk solutions on the market, used by Insurers, Banks, Brokers, Utilities and Energy Companies aiming to streamline and modernise their risk management processes.

Streamline the entire Risk Management Process

Xactium Risk Manager, is designed to help you efficiently manage the entire risk management process in a way that fits your business requirements:

Identification of Risks:

Identify and record all of the risks that impact your organisation and specific Business Units, Projects, Objectives, Suppliers and Processes, including their potential Impacts and Causes from a Cause library. Easily visualize your Business Unit and Project hierarchy and drill down into specific risk details.

Assessing Risks:

Xactium Risk Manager allows you to efficiently manage Risk Assessments across your entire organisation, enabling you to:

  • Establish Risk Assessment Criteria: Set up multiple scoring schemes/matrices for specific Business Units.
  • Collect Risk Assessments: Our unique entry risk assessment wizard makes it as easy as possible for risk owners to complete all risk assessments.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessments: Assess your risks qualitative and/or quantitatively and easily switch between the two views.
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Control and Monitor your Risks

Xactium Risk Manager will make sure you know about all risk events that occur and based upon your organisations requirements and the regulations you must adhere to:

  • Controls: Link Risks to multiple Controls from your Control Library (and vice versa) and perform control effectiveness assessments using a simple to use wizard.
  • Key Risk Indicators: Link KRIs to Risks and track and monitor their values over time. Easy KRI collection wizard enable the updating of KRI metrics manually or automatically.
  • Key Control Indicators: Establish your risk controls to track how effectively they are preventing specific risk events.
  • Risk Events/Incidents: Capture Risk Events/Incidents through a customizable web-form. Track them against Risks and automatically notify key stakeholders of their occurrence using configurable workflows.

Risk Reporting and Deep Analytics

Xactium Risk Manager allows you to produce the reports you want, when you need them, gaining deep analytical insight into your key risk data, trends and activities:

  • Heat Maps: Track the impact of mitigating activities using interactive Risk Map reports.
  • Document Reports: Generate a variety of PDF or Excel documents from your data, including Risk Register reports and other key Board and Management reports.
  • Trend Reports: See the rating of all risks, KRIs and KCIs over any period of time.
  • Data Reports: Get an instant overview of all risk data using many different charting options. The flexibility of the platform means you can easily create or customize a wide variety of reports using a simple drag and drop wizard.
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Risk Manager can easily grow and adapt to your organization's changing GRC needs without the need for expensive and time consuming configuration effort. Virtually all aspects of the solution can be configured using simple wizards, including: tabs, fields, layouts, reports, dashboards, workflows, approvals, security controls, and more.

The Platform

Developed on the Force.com® platform from Salesforce® - Forbes' most Innovative Company for the past 3 years - Xactium Risk Manager offers unrivalled flexibility, enabling organizations to configure virtually all aspects of the solution to their specific risk management needs. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface, inbuilt collaboration tools and ease of deployment makes roll-out fast and effective. Powerful reporting and monitoring capabilities enable easy analysis and reporting of risk positions in real-time.